6 Things That Will Surprise First-Time Visitors

You know of its natural beauty, mouthwatering meals, affordability, the preserved culture, welcoming people, and historical monuments. But as you explore Vietnam, you will encounter tons of surprises that will make you even want to stay longer. There is so much to spice up your entire visit if you look beyond what you already know. Here are some of the things you will find out.

1. English gets widely spoken

There is no better feeling like having a smooth communication in a new country. Well, studies state that 53.8% of people in Vietnam can talk in English. You will get surprised that even the woman selling at the market, a motorcycle rider, or the street food vendor speaks fluent English. Your Vietnam travel will become smooth and fun, and you will cherish your stay.

2. Love Market in Sapa

You know a market as a place where people go to buy and sell goods. Well, you will get amazed by this extraordinary market in Sapa Vietnam where the Mong and Dao ethnic groups meet to find love. Young men and women meet here on Saturday night to play different games based on their ethnic groups, sing and talk. After the night, they get familiar and assure each other that they will see the next morning. Many find their life partners during this cultural practice.

Traffic can get hectic

You have not seen crazy traffic unless you have been to Vietnam. Motorists do not follow traffic rules, and even the basic road signs get ignored. Vietnamese prefer motorbikes to cars due to their low prices. The rush hour never ends, and millions of bikes are always on the roads.

How to survive in these crazy traffics in Vietnam

  • In Hanoi, you will get confused on how to cross the roads and even feel like crying, don’t do that yet. Find a local and follow them carefully as they pass. That way you will make it to the other side.
  • Look straight into the eyes of the closest motorists with kind eyes, and if they have some humanity left in them, they will allow you to cross.
  • Don’t run, move backward, keep calm and continue crossing.

4. The Son Doong Cave

If you are not a daring person, this adventure is not for you. Located in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh Province Vietnam, this is the world’s largest cave. The cave is 3 miles long and 650ft. You will need to trek for two days in the jungle before you get to the entrance, then you will have to climb, crawl and swim through underground rivers to get to the exit. To participate in this one-of-a-kind event, you have to book in advance because it is only ten thrill- seekers per trip allowed.

5. Everybody is a Millionaire

You will like the feeling of being rich. Do you know that $1 is more than 20,000 VND? You can pay for more than a million VND to spend a night at a hotel and spend close to 50,000VND for a meal during your Vietnam travel. Don’t you feel like a millionaire already?

HINT: Before giving out any note, look closely to see if the zeros are correct. You can easily confuse 100, 000 for 10000. The Vietnamese can take advantage of this and won’t tell you.

6. There are weird drinks you should try

Here are some of the drinks you should taste in Vietnam

  • Have you ever heard about snake wine? Yes, a whole snake gets immersed into a bottle of rice wine. They say that it enhances vitality and cures various diseases. The most poisonous snakes make the best wine. However, their venom gets denatured by ethanol. That’s surprising.
  • Egg Coffee. Egg? Inside coffee? How? Well, this is a yummy drink prepared by adding egg yolks to Robusta coffee, condensed milk, and sugar.

You will best experience these weird but still fun encounters when you visit Vietnam. Your journey will be full of surprises, and you will love and cherish each experience. The good thing about Vietnam Travel is that you will always learn something new. Consider adding Vietnam as your next travel destination

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