4 Simple Steps to Get Cheap Vietnam Visa for Chinese Citizens

Vietnam is one of the exciting destinations for Chinese citizens. Getting to Vietnam however requires a visa, but that should not be a big issue. It is easy to acquire visa in a few days or even in a few hours, depending on the visa you apply for.

If you need information on how to get a Vietnam visa, here is a brief guide and you can choose a cheap Vietnam visa for Chinese if you will be traveling to Vietnam for less than a month.

Step 1: Apply Online

It is now very convenient for most countries to have the application forms as well as the entire visa application done online. This minimizes the amount of time people spend waiting in line to be attended and it is a lot simpler.

Online applications are usually handled by agent websites. You will begin by filling in a visa application form. The form contains the usual questions trying to ascertain who you are, where you live, your nationality, purpose for visiting the country, and other similar information. Fill this form accurately and do not worry about the safety of your personal information, it will not be shared with anyone other than immigration officials dealing with your application.

Step 2: Submission

Once the form is filled correctly, you will need to submit it. Submission of the form also requires that you pay an e-visa Vietnam price for Chinese. It is important that you pay the fee on submission so that the process of your application commences on time.

From the time you submit the application, you may wait between 1 hour to 4 days as the visa application is being considered. If you may have filled the form incorrectly, you need to reapply.

Step 3: Check Email

The response to your application will be sent to your email inbox. If the application is successful, you will receive an approval letter. This letter indicates that you qualify to enter Vietnam. The letter however is not a visa, you will still need to show it to the concerned authority to get the cheap Vietnam visa for Chinese.

Step 4: Present Letter to Embassy or Immigration Desk

Print the approval letter and carry it along with your passport to the Vietnam embassy or a consulate near you. You will also need to carry two passport size photos and there is still a Vietnam visa price for China that you need to pay for the passport to be stamped.

Going to the embassy and getting the visa before you travel is recommended for people who will be traveling by road or boat. If however you are traveling by airplane, you are able to get the visa on arrival into Vietnam, at the airport. You also have to pay the Vietnam visa fee for China as well as carry the passport size photos.

If any of the steps seem a bit too tiresome for you, have an agent deal with the process.

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