The 5 capital cities in Asia you must visit

Asia has long been a favorite destination amongst backpackers, travelers and expats. If you’re just starting to travel, it’s a good place to start. Asia is known for its vibrant atmosphere, colorful temples, unspoiled white sand beaches, crystal clear water, lush jungles, breathtaking landscapes and for their incredible cities that never sleep.

If you’ve never been to Asia, it’s about time you make it happen this year! There’s an abundance of places you must visit, but if you want to see big cities, you must visit one – or why not all – of these capital cities in Asia.

1. Hanoi

Vietnam is one of the most popular countries to travel around in and it’s not hard to see why. If you want to have the opportunities to lay on the beach and also explore big cities on a budget, you better head here. Start in Hanoi, a charming capital city where you can marvel at the old French colonial buildings, eat numerous bowls of “pho” (Vietnamese style noodle soup), go shopping in abundance, visit temples and go café hopping. Hanoi is a beautiful city that breathes life. It’s a must visit when you go to Asia.

Tip: don’t miss out on Halong Bay, which is only a few hours away from Hanoi. Cruise around one of the seven natural wonders of the world for a day or two.

2. Tokyo

Tokyo is a city that everyone should visit at least once in their life time. It’s unlike everything else you’ll see in this world and it sometimes feels like there’s more neon lights than humans. Tokyo is vibrant, fun, cool, different and definitely feels like a bit city, with its tall skyscrapers and busy streets. What’s so good about Tokyo is that every neighborhood has its own character, so depending on your mood, you can choose if you want to go somewhere a bit busier or more calm. It’s a city that has stolen many peoples hearts!

3. Seoul

The capital city of South Korea is just as cool as Tokyo, but has a bit more of an edge. There’s no lack of neon lights here either (or people!), but although it’s not as developed as Tokyo, it’s just as good. Seoul is filled with adventure, where you can during the day hike in the mountains and at night go partying in Gangnam. If you like Asian food, you’re in for a treat here too. Bibimbap is one of their most famous dishes, but don’t forget to indulge in some gimbap and udon noodles as well. Enjoy Seoul for what it is – a thrilling capital city.

4. Taipei

Probably the most underrated capital city in Asia, and perhaps least visited. But Taiwan’s capital city is a treasure and those who seek it out will be highly rewarded. Taipei is home to many beautiful temples, landmarks, skyscrapers, vibrant neighborhoods and, surprisingly enough, expats. Although not many travelers go to Taipei, there’s a big amount of foreigners working here, giving it a more international vibe. But there’s two things you should go to Taiwan for: the food and the hot springs. If you travel for food, it’s a destination that can’t be missed. The Taiwanese kitchen is a mix of Chinese, Japanese and Korean, and is an absolute dream for the dumpling lovers. As for hot springs, they’re spread throughout the country, some established and some out in the wild. There’s a handful of hot springs in Taipei that you must visit. Taipei might’ve gone unnoticed, but it won’t be for long, so head over there before the crowds get bigger.

5. Bangkok

Last but not least, we have the capital city of Thailand. Bangkok is a classic amongst travelers going to Asia, and the movie “The Beach” with Leonardo Di Caprio would make it a favorite amongst backpackers seeking the perfect beach. Bangkok is loud and messy, but in the best way possible. There’s something about Bangkok that’s so enthralling. It usually marks the first stop or last when you go to Asia. When you’re in Bangkok, you should go to the famous backpacker area Khao San Road. Even if it’s not your cup of tea, it sure is an interesting place to walk around in. It’s also one of the best places to go shopping. You can go from one big shopping mall to an even bigger one and wander around there for hours. When you’re tired of it, sit down in a restaurant and eat some of the most delicious food you’ll taste in Asia. The Thai kitchen impresses everyone with its spices and variety of dishes. Whether you like Bangkok or not is up to you, but it’s definitely worth the visit.