Top 10 Shopping Centers in Da Nang

Da Nang recently became one of the most popular tourist attraction sites in Vietnam. Dang has an extraordinary outlook from other cities in the world. The coastal town borders the ocean and has a mix of mountains worthy visiting. Its economic value significantly grows with the availability of operating businesses. Among them, are shopping centers that will make your tour more convenient and more deserving.  Da Nang is a clean and quiet city and a good city for residing. Its infrastructure is excellent. Both domestic and foreign tourists visit the nearby world-class Heritage sites in Hoi An and Hue. You can make stopovers on your move.

This great city is a hub of shopping centers. Being a stopover shopping center for the visitors, one can access lots of from this city.

Top 10 Shopping Centers in Da Nang

There are places where shoppers can acquire whatever they need within Da Nang. For example, one can buy handicrafts, markets where you can get products at lower prices and numerous malls for different products.

Additionally, tourists buy products in the markets at half the original price. That is advantageous especially if you are a bulk buyer and a business person. Your share increases by the time you step out of this beautiful city.  As a guide to the tourists and the shoppers in the town, here is a list of places where you can shop efficiently.

1. Han Market

Han market is a traditional market showcasing French occupancy and trade operations in the 1940s. Several vendors sell accessories, fabrics, ethnic products and many more. You will find the market inside a two-story building connecting to the Tran Phu street. Apart from the plenty of ornaments, there exist varieties of shops where shoppers get to take meals. For an excellent exploration in Vietnam, Han Market is among where you must visit.

2. Con Market

Con market is the largest wholesale market in Da Nang. It is the city’s commercial center. Initially, it was a selling center for the locals and the farmers. You can enjoy favorite Vietnamese dishes. Also, such products like textile, fresh farm produce, handicraft, etc., are available. Similar to the Han market, your bargaining skills will earn you good products at lower prices.

3. Big C supermarket

Big C is regarded the most massive retail supermarket in Da Nang. All the products are sold at a fixed price, well printed and displayed on them.  Contrary to the other markets, it is impossible to bargain here. There are plenty of products including electronics. The supermarket has its label hence a quality brand.

4. Lotte Mart Da Nang

LOTTE mart is well known as a shopping and entertainment. It is the largest shopping center in the Da Nang. LOTTE is a modern shopping center with amenities to entertain both the children and adults. Some other famous food brands also reside in Lotte Mart.

5. Vincom Plaza

Nicknamed the “The shopping paradise of Da Nang,” Vincom deserves the name. Here you will find Famous fashion brands. For example, Bata, Adidas, Nike, etc., though smaller, it is among the biggest malls in Dan Nang. Additionally, you can ice skate at a lower price here.

6. Da Nang Souvenirs & Café

The place has perfect souvenirs and major in tourism promotion. The name of the Da Nang city appears on all items they sell. Some of the products include statues, wall arts, coffee mugs, etc., the café also has suitable places for resting.

7. Vinh Trung Plaza

Another cool place full of the French architecture in the city. There are supermarkets, arcades, cinema theatres among others. It is near the airport hence suitable for short visits. Vinh Trung Center is famous for major tourist attraction like Dragon River Bridge, My Khe Beach, and Cham Museum.

8. Avana

Avana is a place with incredible architecture, clothes, and colors. It is the best place to but clothes and other fashion items. Avana is the real gem in Da Nang of Vietnam.  It is a place you should make a mission to visit on your travel. Avana has a beautiful facade design. There are plenty of unusual and unique clothes that you can choose from as you shop. The amazing store has particular handwoven fabric patterns. Also, the clothes from these stores have a mix of style on each. There is also a nice bar where you can relax and enjoy your moments. Shoppers also get a free delicious coffee.

9. M Legrand Jewelry

Here is another French-style pearl shop with a broad choice of authentic and high-quality pearl jewelry that suite many wishes Legrand jewelry is the home of the perfect pearls with unique handmade bespoke jewelry. It has a calm atmosphere, and one can take long walks by the seaside to the shops.

10. Da Nang Night Market

Da Nang Night Market is one of what you will hate to miss on your visit to Vietnam. You will find it near the river with many small shops and lots of color and light. There is a gathering of international food booths from all over the world. Also, there is Philly Cheesesteaks, local craft beer, sake bar, etc., that you will enjoy. You will live to remember the experience in this market.

In all your visits to Dan Nang, make sure you tour these great shopping centers and see for yourself. It will be more than just stories.

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