Reasons To Travel To Vietnam Solo

Solo travel is an incredible way to connect with a destination. It’s your chance to concentrate on you and what you like without distractions from friends or others. You gain new experiences, meet new people and have a great time. A solo trip to Vietnam is freeing and allows you to do what you want to do when you want to without arguing about it with anyone. It’s an excellent way to travel and explore the incredible Vietnam country and its amazing sights.

The following are reasons to travel Vietnam solo:

Vietnam travel is safe

It’s hard to classify a country as safe or not, but apart from the petty crimes like pickpocketing, Vietnam is pretty safe. There are of course some scamming artist who will try to rip you off, especially, if traveling solo but, you will rarely find violent crime.

You should, however, be aware of your surroundings and take great care of your belongings. With that taken care of, you can walk around Vietnam without any fear. You can wander around the markets, visit incredible sites and go out for drinks at night.

The street food is delicious

You don’t have to worry about eating alone at a restaurant. The streets of Vietnam are full of vendors selling sumptuous local cuisine. The food is also varied, and you can try different cuisines including pho, spring rolls, noodles, and the great Vietnam coffee.

Touring Vietnam is hassle free


Vietnam has a well-established tourist trail. It’s easy to move from one end of the country to the other without a hitch. The trail makes planning the trip easy since there is a perfect itinerary available already. The itinerary helps you tick off main sites in areas like Ha Long Bay, Da Nang, Mekong Delta, and so many more.

Making new friends

Solo travel in Vietnam allows you to meet other travelers and locals. Every day is a day to make new friends. Traveling with people you know, though a recipe for great experiences, limits you to your comfort zone. On your own, you can create new friendships that flourish. You may also meet a fellow traveler and travel together.

An array of activities to do

A tour to Vietnam guarantees numerous activities to enjoy on your solo travels. The country has diverse landscapes, incredible mountains, and breathtaking sites. You can go trekking in Sapa, go cruising in Ha Long Bay, go kayaking, caving, take Vietnamese cooking classes, or relax by the beach with a lovely book.

Vietnam travel is affordable

Vietnam guarantees incredible and magical moments for an affordable amount. There is affordable accommodation, street food, transport, and free WIFI in most hostels

Your travel options are limitless

Vietnam’s road infrastructure is excellent for tourists. When traveling solo, you can choose to either use a train, bus or motorbike. If a bike is challenging, then a scooter will allow you to go around the city and countryside. You can also use an Uber but be careful about the prices. Some may want to overcharge you.

You define your itinerary

You are traveling alone, so you get to choose where to go without ruining anyone’s day. You can sit by the ocean watching the waves or reading a book, take a cruise or visit the famous restaurant you have heard so much about.

Time spent alone allows you to clear your head and, in most cases, make life-defining decisions. Vietnam gives you a chance to rediscover yourself, to find out more about yourself, to love yourself and to treat yourself like the royalty you are. Vietnam is the best destination for solo travellers.

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