Are There Any Vegetarian Restaurants in Vietnam?

Are there any vegetarian restaurants in Vietnam? Yes, definitely! This may come as a surprise, but Vietnam is a great country for vegetarians! Whether you’re visiting Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, or other major cities in the country, you won’t have any issues when it comes to looking for a vegetarian restaurant that serves the tastiest and healthiest veg dishes. So if you’re traveling to the country soon, here’s your guide on where to find the best vegetarian restaurants in the country.

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Vietnam

Although it’s pretty easy to find a vegetarian restaurant in Vietnam when you get there, it’s a great idea to know the best vegetarian restaurants in the country ahead of your trip. So here are some of them.

Hum Vegetarian Lounge and Restaurant – located in the city of Ho Chi Minh, this vegetarian restaurant is set in an area that’s surrounded with lush greenery. Its cozy interior is decorated with wooden decors, which exude a warm and calming atmosphere. They pride in serving the healthiest Vietnamese vegetarian dishes that are said to provide nourishment for your soul.

An Phuc Vegetarian Food – this vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi serves the freshest vegetarian Vietnamese delicacies that are bursting with flavor! It has a cozy warm interior and the second floor has a balcony that opens to a great view. The menu includes tofu dishes and vegetarian noodles. With friendly staff and affordable prices, this vegetarian restaurant is highly recommended!


Saigon Vegan – if you’re vegan, this restaurant in Ho Chi Minh is the best dining spot to visit. They are known for their classic Vietnamese dishes that are cooked with a vegan twist. Some of their most popular dishes are flavorful spring rolls and noodle soups.

Buffet Chay An Lac – if you’re looking to feast on vegetarian Vietnamese specialties, then check out the vegetarian buffet at An Lac. Located in the Hoan Kiem District of Hanoi, the restaurant serves all sorts of healthy vegetarian dishes, from mains, finger foods to delicious soups! The buffet costs only $5 per person and is definitely worth a try!

Baba’s Kitchen – if you’re craving for some Indian foods in Vietnam, then check out this vegetarian restaurant in Ho Chi Minh. Although their menu is not exclusively vegetarian, they have a wide range of Indian vegetarian delicacies that can surely satisfy your cravings!

What To Order in a Vegetarian Restaurant

Although some of the most popular Vietnamese dishes are made of meat, the locals love their vegetables a lot! In fact, you’ll find that there are plenty of delicious Vietnamese delicacies that are made purely from vegetables. If you’re wondering what to order in a vegetarian restaurant in Vietnam, here are some of the best recommendations.

Bánh mì chay – these sandwiches are popular all over Vietnam and you’ll find them being sold in almost every street corner. Others might have meat fillings in them, but you can always order the vegetarian version of these sandwiches.

Bánh cuốn chay – this vegetarian dish is like a crepe that’s wrapped in a rice flour batter. The filling is made from a variety of fresh vegetables and topped with crispy onion and other herbs and spices.

Nộm đu đủ – this is a vegetarian salad that consists of thinly sliced papayas and carrots and topped with basil, coriander, sesame seeds, and lots of peanuts! It’s then served with a sweet and sour dressing.

Phở chay – this soup is usually meat-based but there are vegetarian versions of this at some of the vegetarian restaurants mentioned above. It’s made with piles of fresh herbs and vegetables, topped with limes and chilies.

Bún chả giò chay  – this is a satisfying vegetarian meal made of noodles and spring rolls. You’ll easily find this dish in various street foods stalls and is best eaten during breakfast.

Bánh ít trần – these are dumplings that are often eaten as a snack in Vietnam. The dough is made from rice flour and water and stuffed with mung beans, shallots, and spring onions.

More Tips for Vegetarians in Vietnam

Although a lot of Vietnamese can speak and understand English, you might find it difficult to communicate with some local street vendors when ordering your vegetarian dish. The term for “vegetarian” in Vietnam is “chay”. You can simply say it flatly to specify that you are a vegetarian when ordering your food or you can simply say “không thịt,” which means no meat. Most restaurants in Vietnam, including the vegetarian restaurants mentioned above, have an English menu so you will know if a dish is veg or not.

Traveling to Vietnam as a vegetarian is great! As mentioned above, there are lots of vegetarian restaurants in the country and you’ll find plenty of delicious Vietnamese delicacies that are made purely from veggies!

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