Shopping Centers in Hoi An

Hoi An is one of the favorite places for your Vietnam travel. The Hoi An center is easy to navigate and the locals there are very friendly and welcoming. Both the children and adults have fun visiting Hoi An. The place has incredible beaches which are long stretching with white sand to run and play. Both people and culture converge in this chief trading port in Vietnam. Over time, it has remained the best choice for shoppers both locally and internationally. Hoi An is center, a market with quality products. As a cultural center, traditional handicrafts and artistic creations are the typical products in Hoi An. Each year, the shopping centers in Hoi An has witnessed rapid demands and designs for the ancient customs and contemporary creativity in its art.

The main shopping attraction In Hoi An is the custom tailoring. If you are wondering about where to shop during your tour in Hoi An, this article is the best answer to your worries. As you happily spend your time, consider buying at the souvenir and art shopping centers too during the Vietnam travel.

Here are the shopping centers that you will find in Hoi An

1. The Central Market

That is a worth visit site. It is situated along the banks of The Bon River and is ever busy. Both the locals and the foreigners like to spend time in this market in search of fruits, handicrafts., your bargaining skills will determine your buying price.

2. The Silk Village

If you are looking for Vietnamese textiles, clothing and handmade lanterns, Hoi An silk village is the right place for you. Surrounding the town are mulberry trees, lotus ponds, and high-quality ancient houses. Due to the demand ad quality, prices are quite higher compared to other shopping centers around. On your trip here, you can also engage in feeding silkworms, deciphering between genuine and synthetic silk. A memorable adventure in your lifetime.

3. Metiseko Hoi An 

Metiseko retail outlet was founded in 2011 and specializes in the Vietnamese traditions and landscapes. The fashion in Metiseko is highly modern. Also, the market has stylish accessories, friendly homeware and ready to wear women apparel. All the products are made using high-quality cotton and silk. They are durable and functional. Smart shoppers find the center a true fulfillment to their tastes ranging from the scarfs, dresses, keyrings among other items.

4. Aobaba Hoi An

Aobaba is a famous tourist shopping center in Hoi An. It is a family tailor shop serving most of the visitors on a daily basis. Good news to the different shoppers is that you can either choose to buy the ready-made clothes in the store or give your design then wait for it. That makes this place unique. If you have been wondering about where to fulfill your design desires, kindly visit Aobaba In Hoi An.

5. Friendly Shoe Shop Hoi An

The shoe shop in Hoi An more than ten years in the industry. It deals with both orders from the local and international market designs. You will see it in the street of along Tran Phu. Items in this shop start at $35 onwards. It meets all your shoe needs.

Shoppers buy;

  • sports shoes,
  • sandals,
  • leather boots
  • leather sleepers.

For your footwear needs, visit and explore and enjoy 100% reimbursements for the items that do not satisfy you. Where else can you enjoy this privilege! Additionally, you can browse online for the details or through the available catalog.