5 Reasons Why Vietnam Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Forget the 20th Century bloody war which might be the only reason you know in Vietnam. After the war, the country picked up its pieces, and it’s now a tourist destination with so much to offer. From a captivating landscape, charming people, delicious meals, a vibrant culture, affordability, and incredible history, this country is a gem.  Vietnam is privileged with so much adventure, and it is amazingly beautiful and peaceful. Here are reasons why you should make Vietnam travel your next priority.

1. The hospitable people

Isn’t it a nice feeling to get welcomed in a foreign land with lots of smiles and humility? People in Vietnam are friendly, charming and always ready to help. Leave the touristy side and engage the locals in a talk. Not only will you get new friends and feel at home, but you will also get to learn so much about them and the country generally.

2. Culture

There is no level of civilization which can make the Vietnamese abandon their traditions. They highly respect their ancestors, the land (they will get offended if you criticize their country), and sea. You will notice that there are still street food stores where you can eat the local delicacies and enjoy the traditional wine. At the Bac Ha market, people from the countryside come to the market to chat, buy and sell stuff, drink, smoke, and get their hair done. Vietnam infuses Chinese, Japanese, and French culture since they were once its occupants.

Old-age customs and tradition you are likely to notice in Vietnam

  • Water puppet theatre in Hanoi. This art dates back to the 11th century. You will not only get entertained, but you will also get to learn about ancient stories like the celebration of the rice harvest, the historical legends, and the day to day lives of the locals
  • Silk painting. You will observe the artists as they use bright colors made from dye, watercolor, or ink to create beautiful patterns on a piece of silk cloth

3. The magical Landscape

Vietnam got blessed with a captivating landscape. It houses the world’s largest cave, the Hang Son Doong which got located in Phong Nha-Ke National Park. The Niagra falls, the Cham island, the Sa Pa humanmade rice terraces, the breathtaking Halong Bay, and Da Lat is also a perfect holiday getaway location with beautiful French villas lying peacefully on the hills, surrounded by pine forests, farmlands, and minority villages. For a religious feeling head to the Bai Dinh Pagoda at Ninh Binh province.

4. Affordability

The hotels and hostels in Vietnam can cost under $5 a night, and you can cancel a night if you are not spending it at your hotel. Food and beer are relatively cheap, and you can pay only $15 or less the entire week. The good news is that you can bargain prices for anything you want to buy. With this type of convenience won’t you stay longer and explore Vietnam?

5. Delicious, healthy meals and coffee

Vietnam has one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. Meals get prepared using fresh ingredients, and they don’t like using oil and frying their food, which is healthy. During preparation, the five original flavors must get incorporated which are sweet, bitter, sour, and bitter. Once you taste one of the dishes, your taste buds will get awakened, and you will keep wanting more.

What you can try during your Vietnam travel

  • Nem Nuong Xa. Meat which gets grilled on lemongrass skewers
  • Bo Kho. A beef and vegetable stew which goes along with baguettes
  • A noodle soup served with beef or chicken

There is a lot that you can order from a Vietnamese menu, and if you are a vegetarian, you will get sorted as well.  Vietnam is the world’s second-biggest coffee producer, and you will get the best coffee. Try out egg coffee, and you will love it. It is creamy and sweet.

Vietnam is a remarkable country. The friendly people, yummy meals, a captivating landscape, and its affordability makes it irresistible. You will have an endless adventure, and you will want to come back, or you will get tempted to extend your stay.