Things To Do In Hanoi At Night

There’s never a dull moment for tourists visiting Hanoi even after the sun goes down. The vibrant city is teeming with exciting activities when nighttime comes and there’s always something for everyone to do, whether you’re someone who is into alcohol or not. So if you’re heading to Vietnam’s capital city soon and wondering what is there for you to do at night, then check out this list of things to do in Hanoi at night.

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Enjoy a Bottle of Beer at the Bia Hoi Junction

The Bia Hai junction is located at Hanoi’s Old Quarter and a popular spot for both locals and tourists who wanted to partake on a refreshing bottle of local beer. When nighttime comes, the shop houses in this area would arrange plastic tables and stools at the entrances where patrons can sit and order an ice-cold beer. There are also lots of street food vendors in the area selling delicious local treats that go well with beer. This is a great place to exchange tales with locals and fellow travellers or simply watch people as they enjoy Hanoi’s exciting nightlife scene.

Take a Walk Along the Old Quarter

If you want to explore Hanoi’s most popular attractions, the best place to base yourself is at the Old Quarter. This place is very lively, most especially at night when numerous markets and bars would open up. In fact, it seems like most of the people in Hanoi are in the Old Quarter when nighttime comes. So take time to walk along the many streets of the Old Quarter to watch people as they go about their daily lives! Of course, don’t forget to drop by at the food stalls to sip a bowl of Pho or perhaps order a local beer! You can also go shopping at the local markets or check out the many bars and cafes that line the area.

Go Shopping at the Night Markets

Night markets in Hanoi is a way of life and shopping at these markets is one of the most popular activities for both locals and tourists when nighttime comes. Even if you don’t feel like buying anything, simply exploring the market is already an exciting activity in itself! It’s a great way to immerse your self to the local culture, take some photos, interact with locals, or perhaps enjoy some delicious local snacks! If you’re going to buy something, don’t forget to haggle. You could end up paying half the original price if you have good negotiating skills!

Have a Romantic Dinner by the West Lake

The West Lake is a popular residential area where most of the expats in Hanoi live. This is also where you will find most of the embassies. There are also a handful of high-end restaurants and bars in the area that cater to the International crowd. If you’re visiting Hanoi with your significant other and you want to end your day with a romantic dinner by the lake, then this is the best place to be. Don’t forget to order a delicious glass of wine to go with your meal.

Listen to a Relaxing Jazz Music

After a whole day of exploring the city, the best way to end your day is to listen to the sound of some relaxing jazz music at the jazz bars in Hanoi, such as the Minh Jazz Club. This is where the city’s finest musicians would play their instruments. Aside from the music, the ambiance at the place is also very relaxing. Of course, don’t forget to order some drinks as well. This is also where you could meet Vietnam’s most popular jazz artist, Minh, and see him perform live with his band.

Witness a Water Puppet Show

The water puppet show is an important part of the culture of Vietnam. It features puppets performing in water and is being controlled by some local puppet masters. The puppets usually enact the local life in the Vietnam countryside, as well as the country’s history, along with ancient folklore and myths. There are lots of water puppet shows in Hanoi, but the most popular is at the Thang Long Water Puppet Theater, close to the famous Hoan Kiem Lake. Since the shows are very popular, it is recommended that you book your tickets in advance.

So these are some of the top things to do in Hanoi at night. While Hanoi is fun to explore during the day, make sure you take time to explore the city at night as well so you won’t miss out on these fun experiences.

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