Where to brunch in Ho Chi Minh City

Let’s face it – who doesn’t love brunch? It’s one of those meals that feels extra luxurious to have with either friends or family on a Sunday morning – or anytime of the week to be honest. If you’re a big fan of brunches, there’s plenty of spots to go to in Ho Chi Minh City. You can  get big Western brunches with bread, bacon, pancakes, etc, or why not try a Turkish Brunch. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll most likely find it in Vietnam’s biggest city. Discover some of the best brunch places in Ho Chi Minh City in this article.

1. Scott and Jeremy’s

One of the best places to brunch at is Scott and Jeremy’s, which makes for a great and filling Sunday Brunch in the city centre. The food is American-style with steak and eggs, pancakes, French toast or why not go for a filling eggs benedict. After the savory, you should try one of their dessert such as their rich chocolate lava cake. The prices are a bit higher than local cafés for example, but it’s so worth it to spend those extra cents for a delicious brunch in a place that’s tucked away in a place far from the noise of the city.

2. L’usine

Trendy, hip and modern, L’usine is one of the hot spots for both locals and expats alike, who like to sit here either chatting away with friends or working from their computers. This café is more than just your ordinary coffee shop though – it’s a shop, a gallery space and a boutique, which aims to recreate the feel of the Vietnamese industry during the Industrial Era. Not only is this one of the most beautiful cafés to brunch at, it also has an all-day breakfast menu. Yes, you can eat breakfast in the middle of the afternoon if you’d like to! The breakfast consists of toast with jam, pancakes, egg Benedict, French butter croissants, and eggs to your liking. If there’s too much to choose from, you can also go for the full English breakfast, which you can get for 200,000 VND which is approximately 9 USD. Nowadays, they’ve opened several branches throughout the city so you will most likely find a L’usine to spend your day at.

3. Opera at Park Hyatt

Here you can get some of the best Italian style dishes thanks to their Italian chef Marco Torre. The brunch here is something memorable, with choices such as pizza, seafood on ice, different types of Italian meat and even a local favorite “pho”, which is a Vietnamese warm noodle soup. If you still have some space in your stomach, make sure to try some of their desserts. If you want to get unlimited drinks with your brunch, the prices are going to rise up to 1,800,000 VND, which is approximately 70 USD. If this is too hefty for you, or you prefer to not get the unlimited drinks, the price will then cost 900,000 VND, which is about 45 USD.

4. Eden Coffee House

While this café might not be located in the heart of the city centre, the 40 minute commute is really worth it because of the breakfast they serve. The coffee house is located in District 7 and serves some classic breakfast options such as egg and bacon, poached eggs, and everyone’s favorite: avocado toast. They also serve some bomb crepes, with more exotic fruits such as mango and passion fruit. Top it all off with an Espresso Martini or why not a Blood Mary. It is, after all, a brunch.

5. Au Parc

If you’re heading to Au Parc anytime soon, make sure to reserve a spot because this is one of the most popular weekend brunch cafés. What’s so special about this place is that they offer a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, which isn’t always easy to find in Vietnam. Both locals and internationals love this spot because of their delicious breakfast menus – get either a Turkish Brunch or the New York brunch, which will fill any empty stomach. The ice cream, yogurt, bread, jam and bagels are all homemade so you can be sure to get a good meal.

If these brunch spots makes you want to head over to Ho Chi Minh City, make sure that you apply for a Vietnam visa before you try to enter the country. A visa is required by most citizens, with some exceptions such as if you’re from a country that’s on the visa exempt list and want to only stay in the country for 15 days or shorter, otherwise you have to apply for a visa. The process is both simple, easy and affordable, and you can get your visa within a few days only, or even hours if you need to apply for an Emergency visa. You can also go to your nearest Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate and apply with them.