Most Instagrammable Places in Vietnam

Vietnam is no doubt one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. With an interesting culture and colorful history, not to mention scenic nature views, Instagram fanatics will surely enjoy capturing stunning photos while exploring the country.

So whether you are a photography buff or someone who just wants to make your friends jealous by posting envy-inducing photos in your Instagram account, check out this list of the most instagrammable places in Vietnam.

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Vietnam visa on arrival office in Da Nang Int'l Airport, Vietnam
Vietnam visa on arrival office in Da Nang Int’l Airport, Vietnam

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Now that you have your Vietnam visa, check out these beautiful places in Vietnam that is truly “instagrammable”.

1. Tan Dinh Parish Church

Tan Dinh Church in Ho Chi Minh city
Tan Dinh Church in Ho Chi Minh city

This beautiful Catholic Church in Ho Chi Minh is painted entirely in pink and will surely look gorgeous in an Instagram photo. Located in the bustling street of Hai Ba Trung, the church is truly mesmerizing with its finely carved details and curved arches that are painted in pink elegant motifs with white accents.

The church was built during the French occupation and was expanded several times before it was finally completed around the year 1876. As a whole, the architectural style of the building is Gothic, Roman, and Baroque-inspired. In 1929, the church undergoes an expansion and a tower that’s more than 50-meter tall was added.

2. The Café Apartment

Cafe Appartment in Nguyen Hue Blvd, Ho Chi Minh city
Cafe Appartment in Nguyen Hue Blvd, Ho Chi Minh city

If you find yourself craving for a good cup of Vietnamese coffee while exploring the city of Ho Chi Minh, head over to the Cafe Apartment, a unique apartment building that is one of the most photographed places all over Vietnam. This unique building used to be an apartment that was converted into a space that houses a number of cozy coffee shops, fancy restaurants, and chic fashion boutiques.

The unique concept has made it a favorite among Instagram-friendly travelers. Beautiful lanterns can be seen hanging in the balcony of this old-fashioned building while colorful stools and neon signage can be seen at some of the quirky shops.

3. Ma Pi Leng Pass

A view of Ma Pi Leng pass in Ha Giang province, Vietnam
A view of Ma Pi Leng pass in Ha Giang province, Vietnam

If you prefer to post mesmerizing photos of nature in your Instagram account, then the Ma Pi Leng Pass in the Ha Giang province of Vietnam is worth a visit. Connecting the two towns of Meo Vac and Dong Van, this stunning mountainous pass is approximately 20 km long and opens up to the most beautiful nature views in Vietnam.

The best way to take a good photo of the pass is to rent a motorbike and drive your way into the top where you can view the stunning rice terraces, incredible rock formations, and the gorgeous nature views below.

4. Ban Gioc-Detian fall

A view of Ban Gioc waterfall in Cao Bang Province, Northern Vietnam
A view of Ban Gioc waterfall in Cao Bang Province, Northern Vietnam

The Ban Gioc-Detian fall is a majestic waterfall in Vietnam that truly deserves a spot in your Instagram account. Situated in the border of China and Vietnam, this impressive waterfall is said to belong to both countries where some parts are in China and the other parts are in Vietnam.

Although it would require a bit of an effort to reach the place, once you arrive and greeted with the impressive sight of the cascading falls, you’ll realize that the journey is all worth it! The best thing about coming here is that you’ll almost have the entire place to yourself since only a few tourists would venture into this beautiful part of Vietnam.

5. White and Red Sand Dunes in Mui Ne

A tourist with backpack walking in the Sand Dunes of Mui Ne
A tourist with backpack walking in the Sand Dunes of Mui Ne

Located just four hours away from the city of Ho Chi Minh, the sand dunes of Mui Ne is something that every Instagram fanatic should visit while in Vietnam. The mesmerizing colors of the sand dunes will guarantee to earn many likes in your Instagram account!

The sand dunes in Mui Ne have two different colors, white and red, and both are mesmerizing especially if you will go there during sunrise or sunset. This beautiful place is every photographer’s dream. Plus, its relaxing vibe makes it a great place to escape the busy and chaotic streets of Ho Chi Minh.

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