Hanoi, Vietnam – Where should we stay and what to eat?

Hanoi, located in north Vietnam on the banks of the Red River, is the perfect city to explore on foot. An ancient capital filled with well preserved colonial era buildings, ancient pagodas and fabulous museums. Famous for its delectable cuisines readily available both on the streets and inside the many restaurants. Hanoi is a multicultural community compromised of French, Chinese and Russian influences mixed in with the native Vietnamese.

Where should we stay?

Visitors to Hanoi are faced with a very important question. Where should we stay? Well, with the answer to that question comes the “good news” and “the bad news”. There are over 600 hotels, hostels and Airbnb rooms available on any given night. Plenty of rooms to choose from, maybe even too many, enough to find what you want and enough to make you crazy in the process. Whatever your taste or your budget calls for, it’s here for you in Hanoi. Now it’s up to you to find the perfect place to fit your needs. Hanoi offers a fantastic selection of hotels, hostels and rooms from Airbnb. Somewhere there’s something just right for you, all you need to do is search.

Three Great Luxury Hotels

Two stylish tourist Cyclos outside the Sofitel Metropole Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The most famous luxury hotel in Hanoi is the classic Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel built in 1901 and totally refurbished beginning in 1997. The Metropole was one of two Vietnamese hotels included on Conde Nast’s list of the world’s best hotels.

“My best hotel experience in 40 years…”, says long time world traveler Joseph Anderson.

If you’re going to splurge in Hanoi then this is a good choice of a hotel in which to splurge. You will get a rare view into the world of the rich and famous while bathing in class and comfort. The variety and choices of rooms in this 364-room-hotel is amazing and has been described by customers as being plush, stunning and cozy. The hotel has so much available that there’s actually a tour which you can take in the afternoon just to learn what things the hotel has available for your pleasure including its amazing history.

The standard basic room for two begins around $230 and increases substantially from there. The Metropole offers three amazing restaurants featuring award winning cuisine plus a breakfast bar available for your dining pleasure. In addition, there’s 24 hour room service if you’d like to stay in your beautiful room.

Lotte Hotel Hanoi - Hanoi skyline at twilight
Lotte Hotel Hanoi – Hanoi skyline at twilight

If you prefer a stunning high-rise-view then The Lotte Hotel is the place for you. The beautiful large double rooms and suites are located about 60 floors up. Considering the amazing view and the quality of the rooms, which start around $100, this hotel represents a super value.

The rooftop restaurant and bar is the highest and best view restaurant in Hanoi. There will always be a table for you because there is a second bar located one floor below—guaranteeing you a table at one of these two classy bars at the top of this impressive building.

Reflections of Hotel Intercontinental on the West Lake in Hanoi at dusk, Vietnam.

The InterContinental Hanoi Westlake Hotel is located on the shore of Westlake Lake in the Tay Ho district. If you like to be near the water while surrounded by luxury then the Continental is the hotel for you. Famous for having rooms located out over the water, this hotel is a big favorite with traveler’s as well as the moneyed locals.

The standard double room is priced as low as $143 with the over the water panoramic view double room at a low of $157. This is a fabulous value as all these rooms are extra large and extremely well appointed in addition to their great views.

Continental customers have a choice of 3 highly regarded restaurants which are connected to the rooms by an outside walkway reaching over the water making possible an enjoyable after diner walk back to your room.

Accommodations priced Correctly for You

Group of young travelllers with travel backpack walking on street of Hanoi city.

Hanoi is rich in choices for the mid-range and low-end-budget travelers. The Old Quarter District, the French Quarter and the area around Hoan Kiem Lake are excellent locations to search for these mid-range places to stay. There are a wide variety of rooms available in the $15-$50 price range. Between the $30 and $50 range you can find some really great mid-range hotels in which to stay. Just spend a little time searching Google for hotels on the Internet search sites like Agoda or Expedia. You will be amazed at all the options available to you.

For the budget minded, Hostels and dorms offer you some very inexpensive places to stay. A bed in a decent 12 bed dorm can actually be found for as little as $3 per night. And there are some really great hostels in the $8 to $15 range. Search the “Hostel World” app on line to find a hostel which is right for your stay.

A third option which is used by many travelers is “Airbnb”. On the Airbnb app you will find a large selection of rooms, apartments and homes which you can rent for one night and longer. Here you can oftentimes find an entire home for the price of a mid-range hotel room. Prices here range between $10 for a single room and $100 for a beautiful large multi room home. Time spent searching the Airbnb app is time well spent.

Special Things to Eat in Hanoi

Pho - Vietnamese noodle soup
Pho – Vietnamese noodle soup

Pho—The most popular Vietnamese dish both in Hanoi and around the world is Pho. This delicious dish is made up of rice noodles with chicken or beef, mixed with garlic, onions and cilantro in a tasty sour broth. This is some really great stuff which you are going to love.

Famous Vietnamese food is Banh Mi Thit
Famous Vietnamese food is Banh Mi Thit

Banh Mi—A Vietnamese special style sandwich, made on a French Baquette with vegetables, meat and spices. This is a great sandwich which is loved by locals and foreigners alike. It’s a complete meal by itself.

Bun Cha - a very popular Hanoi specialty
Bun Cha – a very popular Hanoi specialty

Bun Cha—a very popular Hanoi specialty with locals it is only found in Northern Vietnam. It’s compromised of fatty pork meatballs which are grilled over a fire and served in a soup alongside rice noodles and plenty of green vegetables and cilantro.

Goi Cuon
Spring rolls (Goi Cuon)

Spring rolls—these Vietnamese style spring rolls are made of vegetables mixed with chicken or shrimp and fried in oil or wrapped in rice paper. Often they are dipped in peanut sauce.

Don't forget to try "egg coffee" when you are in Hanoi
Don’t forget to try “egg coffee” when you are in Hanoi

Egg coffee—Hanoi is famous for their original egg coffee recipe. It is dark strong coffee with raw eggs mixed to a thick texture poured on top of the coffee. When properly made it tastes like a custard or a yogurt. The most famous coffee shop for egg coffee in Hanoi is GIANG CAFÉ in the Old Quarter. The egg coffee served here is incredible and well worth your effort.

Vietnamese girl serving sugarcane and fresh tropical fruit juice on a street in Hanoi capital
Vietnamese girl serving sugarcane and fresh tropical fruit juice on a street in Hanoi capital

Sugar Cane Juice—this refreshing drink can be purchased from a street vendor for as little as $.30. This healthy drink is available everywhere as well as amazing freshly made fruit juice. For good measure everyone should have at least one glass every day.

Dining in Hanoi is an incredible daily experience. Something special for everyone’s taste. When you’re looking for street food it’s a never-ending-adventure in search of both inexpensive yet delicious and safe street food. Or if you prefer there is an amazing array of super restaurants found all over Hanoi—both in hotels or freestanding out on the streets. Something special for every budget and every taste. You will not be disappointed.

Getting visa on arrival at Noi Bai Int'l Airport in Hanoi city
Getting visa on arrival at Noi Bai Int’l Airport in Hanoi city

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