Top Eight Things to Do at Ba Na Hills in Da Nang city

Ba Na Hill Station is a hill station and resort located in central Vietnam, near Da Nang. Originally founded by French colonists in 1919, the resort still retains many French remnants. Considered the “Da Lat of the Da Nang province”, Ba Na Hills has a cool climate and beautiful countrysides. A very popular holiday destination for locals and tourists but be sure to take an extra layer of clothing when you visit as the temperature can be drastically lower than the rest of the country even during the hot season. Whether you’re going for a day trip from Da Nang or plan on spending a few days in the lush Ba Na Hill Resort, there’s plenty to do and see.

Getting to Ba Na Hills

Panorama view of Ba Na Hills in Da Nang city

With modern hotels, incredible restaurants and first-class entertainment, Ba Na Hills is an exciting and sought-after destination in Vietnam. It’s approximately 45 minutes from Da Nang, so the best route to take is to arrive in Da Nang and then take a taxi to Ba Na Hill station. If you’re flying, Da Nang International airport is your best choice. The city is easily reachable by bus, train or taxi.

Before booking your trip to Ba Na Hills, make sure you double check your visa requirements and arrange it properly before travelling. Most travellers will need their visa’s in place before arriving. If you’re not sure where to start, visit for more information. They can help you with your E-Visa or Visa on arrival, depending on your requirements. Let them do the legwork so you can enjoy planning your adventure.

1. Take a ride on the cable cars

Aerial view of Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort with The longest non-stop single track cable car is 5,801 m (19.032 ft) in Ba Na Hills, Da Nang City

The cable car system to reach Ba Na Hills opened in 2013 and is the world’s longest single-rope cable car. Holding several Guinness World Records, the cable car journey is spectacular offering panoramic views and breathtaking scenery. Tickets cost 650,000 VND for adults and include access to Ba Na Hills, all the cable cars and theme park entrance.

2. Explore the French Village

Ancient medieval roofs of mountain resort Bana hills french village

While wandering through the French Village you could be mistaken that you were wandering through a village in France. The French architecture, cobblestone streets and European-style buildings are incredibly well-built and fascinating to walk through. An amazing accomplishment considering the village was built on top of a mountain, 1,500 metres above sea level.

3. Debay Ancient Wine Cellar

Young woman in the wine cellar
Young woman in the wine cellar

Created by French architects deep in the Ba Na Mountain in 1923, the cellar is 100m long and always kept at a lower temperature. A unique experience and perfect for wine-lovers. Discover an ancient cellar with French characteristics in central Vietnam.

4. Le Jardin d’Amour flower garden

View of a floral garden on Ba Na Hills
View of a floral garden on Ba Na Hills

The romantic flower garden features nine gardens with their own story and unique architectural styles. Ranging from the Secret Garden with a labyrinth to the Legend Garden taking inspiration from Olympia Peak. You could easily spend the afternoon exploring the beautiful gardens in the sunshine.

5. Visit Fantasy Park

An ideal destination for the whole family, Fantasy Park has been built and inspired by novels “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” and “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”. A bustling and exciting entertainment area with plenty of games and attractions to keep children entertained. Walk in the Dinosaur Park, conquer the 29m Free-Fall Tower or dive into a modern 5D movie experience.

6. Ride the Alpine Coaster

Head to the Alpine Coaster during the day and ride through the mountain in style. Each car can reach up to 40km but comes with its own braking system so you have complete control over how fast or slow you go. Get up close and personal in the mountainside and take in the views.

7. Enjoy the Wax Statue Museum

Wax museums can be odd but interesting at the same time. A perfect family-friendly activity while in Ba Na Hills. Take a close look at some of the most famous people in the word in wax form. Get your camera at the ready and prepare to take a lot of selfies with your favourite celebrities.

8. Have a Vietnamese coffee at L’Etable

Ba Na Hills has several world-class restaurants to choose from. L’Etable at French Village makes a fantastic Vietnamese coffee and is a must-visit while in the resort. Other popular dining options include Kavkaz Vista restaurant, Cafe La Pensee and La Crique.

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