Enjoy the unforgettable experiences in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country with plenty of scenic geographical landscapes, plenty of historical and cultural attractions, fascinating sights that range from ancient temples to floating markets and most importantly very delicious cuisines. For any fun seeking tourist, Vietnam is a place to visit. With all these fun things to see and do in Vietnam, there are still some very special experiences you can find in Vietnam that you won’t get elsewhere. Let’s check out some of these crazy experiences.

1. Go Kayaking on the Saigon River

If you visit Ho Chi Minh city, don’t for get to explore Cu Chi Tunnels by Bike – Saigon River Kayak, combine two activities of Cycling and Kayaking for those who want to explore the land and water to reach out the Cu Chi Tunnels. Great chance for you to get close to daily life of the locals for both land and water.

Kayaking on the Saigon River is a beautiful experience. The various stages down the river is like moving through a time machine. You move from floating around tall palm trees to huts made of sheets of metals and then revealing the beautiful skyline of downtown Ho Chi Minh City.

2. Crawl through the secret tunnels of Viet Cong

Crawling through the Chu Chi Tunnels can be one of the most exciting experiences you can have in Vietnam especially for adventure seeking tourists. This famous site is found 70km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City and covers a distance of about 120km. The tunnels also have some cool fittings and features such as trapdoors, kitchen, armoury and even hospitals. Although you won’t get to tour the entire length of the tunnel, you would get a feel of how the war of 1960s and 1970s was like.

3. Shuffling through a 6 lane traffic in the city

Shuffling through a 6 lane traffic in the city
Shuffling through a 6 lane traffic in the city

If there is one thing about a Vietnam holiday that must tourist find disturbing is the traffic in the city. Bustling through the traffic can be extremely chaotic especially in the biggest city of Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh city. Most of the motorist will find any means to get to their destination from pedestrian walkways, narrow alleyways and streets. The safest way to get through the traffic is by sticking to a group local and moving at a steady space.

4. Visit Ho Chi Minh city War Museum

Visit Ho Chi Minh War Museum
Visit Ho Chi Minh War Museum

The Ho Chi Minh War Remnants Museum is a ghostly place, full of artifacts, stories written in detail and haunting photographs that would give you a glimpse of Vietnam War.  Although the country is a beautiful place today, visiting the museum would give you a glimpse into the war that almost destroyed the entire country.  Remember to bring your tissues because after spending some hours here, you will cry.

5. Shop in the floating market of Cai Rang

Cai Rang floating market, Mekong Delta travel
Cai Rang floating market, Mekong Delta travel

Throughout the length of the Mekong Delta, there are amazing floating markets found all around. The Cai Rang is the largest of these floating markets. You can buy almost anything you want there, from foodstuffs to even beautiful fabrics. The Cai Rang is located in the fourth largest city in Vietnam; Can Tho. Cai Rang is definitely a must stop destination for any tourist.

6. Enjoy Snake wine

Vietnamese snake wine
Vietnamese snake wine

If there is anything you should try out once in your life, it’s the exotic snake wine. This is the ultimate tourist drink that you won’t find just anywhere. The wines are produced by soaking the snake in a jar of rice wine and letting it dissolve. Note that the snake could sometimes be venomous. If you are wondering where to buy this drink, you can buy this at Le Mat Snack Village in Hanoi which is the most popular spot to buy this drink. You can also enjoy this exotic drink with exquisite snake-oriented dishes. To enjoy this delicacy, you can budget around USD $30 – 50.

7. Enjoy a pho cocktail

Enjoy a pho cocktail
Enjoy a pho cocktail

Not actual pho, but a cold gin and Cointreau cocktail using ingredients typical of the Vietnamese soup including cilantro, lime, chiles, cinnamon, and star anise. A bit of cardamom in there as well. Fumbs up. Imagine a bowl of noodles being turned into a cocktail, which is a special recipe made by the Mojito Bar & Lounge Restaurant. Just note that although this drink is very tasty, it can mess with your head.

8. Ride a buffalo

Many of the tours and locals offer rides and the craziest of them all, is riding a buffalo. Learning to ride a buffalo is a good skill if you plan on becoming a farmer in the country when you retire. In Mai Chau, Sapa and Hoi An you can enjoy this activity.  Jack Tran Eco Tours is also a popular means to enjoy a Buffalo ride.

9. Enjoy the cheapest beer in the world

Imagine drinking all night and not spending up to USD $2. The famous Bia Hoi beer is cheapest in the world and a glass sells for as little as 2cnt. The locals brews the beer and transports in to the local bar. The beer is perfect for hot weather and since it has just 3% alcohol content, the chances of getting drunk is very slim.  A beer corner can be found in almost every local stop in Vietnam, you just have to know where to look.

10. Enjoy egg coffee

One of the things Vietnam is famous for, is their coffee.  You would find a coffee shop at almost every street corner. They also have various special coffee but the craziest one is the very delicious egg white coffee. You can enjoy this coffee in cafes found in Hanoi.

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