Vietnam’s New Rules: 90-Day E-Visa Access for Macedonian Citizens

Vietnam’s continuous efforts to enhance its tourism sector have led to a significant announcement for the citizens of Macedonia. Starting from August 15, 2023, Vietnam will extend the validity of its e-visa scheme to 90 days for travelers from Macedonia. This update brings exciting opportunities for Macedonian citizens to explore the beauty of Vietnam’s diverse landscapes, culture, and history. Let’s delve into the details and explore the benefits of this extended e-visa validity.

About Vietnam’s E-Visa Scheme

Vietnam’s e-visa scheme has been a popular choice for travelers from around the world, including Macedonia. With its simplicity and convenience, the e-visa process has allowed visitors to obtain their travel authorization online, eliminating the need for traditional visa application procedures. Currently, Vietnam offers e-visas to citizens of 80 countries and territories, and Macedonia is among them.

Extended Validity and Multiple Entries

The recent decision by Vietnamese legislators to extend the e-visa validity to 90 days is a game-changer for travelers from Macedonia. Previously, the e-visa was valid for 30 days, but this update provides Macedonian citizens with an extended period to immerse themselves in Vietnam’s enchanting beauty. Moreover, the extended validity also allows for multiple entries, making it easier for travelers to explore neighboring ASEAN countries and return to Vietnam without the hassle of obtaining a new visa each time.

Unveiling the Opportunities

With the 90-day e-visa, Macedonian citizens can now plan longer trips to Vietnam, enabling them to fully experience the country’s captivating attractions. From the bustling streets of Hanoi to the serene landscapes of Halong Bay, the vibrant culture of Ho Chi Minh City, and the breathtaking beaches of Da Nang, Vietnam offers a wealth of experiences for every traveler.

In addition to the remarkable destinations, the extended e-visa validity opens up opportunities for Macedonian citizens to immerse themselves in Vietnam’s rich cultural heritage. Discover ancient temples, participate in traditional festivals, and savor the delectable flavors of Vietnamese cuisine. The extended stay will also allow travelers to engage with local communities, learn about their customs, and create unforgettable memories.


Vietnam’s decision to grant 90-day e-visas to citizens of Macedonia is a testament to the country’s commitment to fostering tourism and cultural exchange. This update presents Macedonian travelers with the chance to explore Vietnam’s wonders at their own pace while also facilitating easier travel to neighboring countries.

As August 15, 2023 approaches, Macedonian citizens can eagerly prepare their itineraries and embark on a journey filled with enriching experiences and unforgettable adventures. With the extended e-visa validity, Vietnam invites and welcomes travelers from Macedonia to immerse themselves in the beauty and charm of this Southeast Asian gem.

So, get ready to uncover the secrets of Vietnam and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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