Is It Worth Paying VIP Fast Track Service Through Van Don Airport?

Flying directly to Van Don Airport is the easiest way to visit Ha Long Bay, Vietnam’s most popular tourist destination. Before, most tourists would have to fly to Hanoi, and travel for almost four hours going to Ha Long Bay. This is very time-consuming and inconvenient. Thankfully, the Van Don Airport was built. This airport is located in Quảng Ninh Province and is only 50 km away from Ha Long Bay.

If you want your journey to be more convenient and hassle-free, consider using the VIP Fast Track Service through Van Don Airport. With their help, you will be passing through Van Don Airport with ease, and you will be on your way to Ha Long Bay in only a few minutes!

Here are the reasons why using this service is truly worth it.


The VIP Fast Track Service Through Van Don Airport is professional and reliable. The service will be provided by agents who have been trained to offer excellent service to foreign visitors. They will assist you at check-in, customs, security checks, and immigration. Since they are experts in this field, they can speed up the process. You will be treated like a VIP so you do not have to queue with the other passengers since there will be a lane that’s dedicated for you.

The Van Don Airport may be a new airport, but the VIP Fast Track Service is a company that has been in this business for so many years. This means that you can rely on their expertise, professionalism, and quality of service.


It can be a hassle to spend several hours at the airport waiting in line, especially if you need to get a visa on arrival. Since Ha Long Bay is the most popular tourist destination in Vietnam, hundreds of passengers are expected to arrive at Van Don Airport every single day. Thus, the airport can get very busy especially during the peak travel season.

But the VIP Fast Track Service can help you to save a lot of time. They knew that time is essential for all visitors, so they will help you to bypass the long line at the airport. The moment you get off the plane, the staff will welcome you personally and will guide you through the airport, from security checks to the immigration counter. In only a few minutes, you will be out of the airport and on your way to Ha Long Bay.


You might think that the VIP Fast Track Service is expensive, but that is not the case. Their services are very affordable. Depending on the services that you wanted to avail, you can spend less than a hundred dollars per person. But you will be treated like a VIP, similar to celebrities and famous personalities, so it is truly worth it!

Indeed, the VIP Fast Track Service is a very good service. For a very affordable price, you will enjoy the comfort and convenience of traveling like a VIP in Van Don Airport. It’s ideal for businessmen, pregnant women, and those who are traveling with small kids in tow. Of course, any traveler can avail of these services, too.


When you hire the VIP Fast Track Service Through Van Don Airport, an agent will be assigned to personally welcome you. The agent will welcome you with a banner so you will be able to easily recognize him. After welcoming you, the agent will then guide you to the Immigration Counter for your visa to be processed. From here, the agent will guide you in passing through security checks. After your security check, you can proceed to Passport Control for your passport to be stamped for entry.

If you availed of the porter service, a porter will be waiting to help you with your luggage. Then you will be taken to your waiting car, so you can then travel to Ha Long Bay in no time. In fact, they can also help to arrange for a private vehicle that will drive you to Ha Long Bay. If you are traveling in a big group, they can arrange for a bigger car that can accommodate all of you.


Indeed, the VIP Fast Track Service Through Van Don Airport is truly worth paying. The services that you will get from them are nothing short of amazing! From assisting you with your visa to helping you pass through airport security checks in only a few minutes, and assisting you with your luggage. All you need to do is to book their services online, indicate the services that you need help with, and pay with your card. You will then receive a confirmation on your email and all you need to do is to fly to Van Don Airport!

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