List of Korean Language Schools in Hanoi

1. High School for Foreign Languages (Trường THPT Chuyên Ngoại ngữ )

At the High School for Foreign Languages ​​(University of Foreign Languages ​​- National University Hanoi), Korean has been present as a second foreign language since 2015. However, until the 2017-2018 school year, the new school Officially introduced Korean as the first foreign language.

2. University of Foreign Languages ​​- VNU Hanoi (Trường Đại học Ngoại ngữ – ĐHQG Hà Nội)

Foreign Language University has the strength of teaching Korean language, this program is very suitable for those who orient to Korean teaching path. Coming to the school’s Korean language department, you will experience Korean culture, cultural exchanges, and get to know more about the country and people of Korea.

3. Hanoi University (Trường Đại học Hà Nội)

Hanoi University since 2002 officially recruited and taught specialized Korean and Interpreter system. This is known as the first university to train bachelor’s degree in Korean language in the northern region to meet the standards. Faculty has a team of lecturers who are professors, doctors, masters, bachelor of Korean studies from Korea and Vietnam.

Students of the school are also equipped with solid knowledge and high quality training. Moreover, the school also connects with the Vietnamese-Korean cultural exchange center and the Korean-language clubs of other schools so that students can exchange and learn in a new environment.

4. University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Hanoi National University (Trường Đại học Khoa học Xã hội và Nhân văn – Đại học Quốc gia Hà Nội)

The school’s Korean language training system is applied according to Korean standards. In addition, the school also links with a number of universities in Korea for students to have the best study conditions, with many scholarships to study in Korea from famous national schools in Korea with the time of study. diverse and suitable for students.