Procedures and Documents Required to Apply for a Visa to Enter Vietnam During Covid-19 Season

Vietnam has already opened its borders to foreign visitors, but will only allow the entry of foreigners with essential reasons to visit the country. These include foreigners who are entrepreneurs, investors, skilled workers, technical experts, and business managers. Unfortunately, tourists are not yet allowed to enter Vietnam at the moment. And for those who are eligible to enter Vietnam this Covid-19 season, there are requirements that they need to fulfil before they can be allowed to enter.

Requirements Set By the National Steering Committee

As per the letter released by Vietnam’s National Steering Committee, it states that the Provincial People’s Committee decides the list of experts to be allowed entry. The list will then be sent to the Ministry of Public Security and the Vietnam Immigration Department for the consideration and issuance of the foreigner’s entry permit.

But before the Immigration Department can issue an entry permit, the visitor’s sponsor company must first send a letter of request. The letter should explain the reason for the foreign visitor’s visit, and other details about the trip. It should also have details of the company and the address and contact information of the company in Vietnam. All foreign visitors are obliged to follow the health and safety protocols before, during, and after they enter Vietnam, to minimize and prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Who Can Enter Vietnam In This Covid 19 Season?

Entities that Invite Foreign Experts to Work In Vietnam Must Ensure The Following:

  • All foreign experts have to undergo testing for Covid-19. The test must be conducted using a Real-Time PCR Test taken three to seven days before their entry into Vietnam. In addition, the test should be done at a laboratory that’s approved by the World Health Organization.
  • Foreign visitors are also required to have international insurance that can cover the cost of Covid-19 treatment in case the foreigner will get sick while in Vietnam. If the visitor does not have insurance, the sponsoring company that invited them into the country must commit to paying the total cost of treatment if the visitor gets sick for Covid-19.
  • The names of the company or organization that invited the visitor into the country must appear on the documents used by the foreigner upon entry. All individuals mentioned must also have their signatures on these documents, as well as the registered stamps of the unit or organization.
  • All individuals who are applying for entry into Vietnam must possess the necessary certification from the competent authority of the locality where the person plans to stay right after the end of his or her quarantine.
  • Organizations, companies, and individuals who are applying for entry on behalf of an individual applicant must provide their details, including their complete address, phone number, email address, and passport number. They must commit to being fully responsible before the law regarding all the contents mentioned in the proposal letter from the National Steering Committee. They must also be responsible for organizing and strictly implementing the prevention requirements before, during, and after they entered the country.

Process of Entering Vietnam During Covid-19 Season

What You Should Know For 14-Day Quarantine In Vietnam Due To Covid-19

Visiting Vietnam these days can get a bit complicated. First of all, you need to request an entry permit. This should be done by the sponsor company or the company that invited you into the country. The company must send a letter to the Local People’s Committee of the city where the visitor plans to visit. If the visitor is going to Ho Chi Minh City, then the letter of request should be sent to the Local People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh. Once the visit is approved, they will forward the visitor’s information to Vietnam Immigration.

The Vietnam Immigration will issue the entry permit and the visa of the foreign visitor. After this, the visitor can book a flight to Vietnam. But before flying, the visitor is required to undergo a Covid-19 test, at least 3 to 7 days before the date of entry to Vietnam. The result should show negative and it must be done through a PCR test, performed by a laboratory that’s authorized by the World Health Organization.

The visitor is also required to book a quarantine facility for the entire 14 days of the quarantine period. There’s a list of hotels that the Vietnam government has designated for quarantine, and the foreign visitor must choose from among these hotels. The cost of the hotel booking will already include the meals for the entire stay. It’s also required to pre-book the vehicle for the airport transfer since the foreign visitor will not be allowed to take any form of public transportation before the quarantine.

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