What are the documents required for Phu Quoc Visa Exemption?

You must have the following documents to enter Phu Quoc island without a visa:-

  • A valid passport for six months from your arrival date is a must. If your passport expires after the arrival date, it is essential to renew your passport prior to taking the trip to the Phu Quoc Island.
  • You have to fly to Phu Quoc Island via Phu Quoc international airport. It is applicable for all direct and indirect flights where your final destination should be Phu Quoc.
  • To prove that you will be leaving the island within 30 days to get visa exemption stamp from the immigration department, you should have return air ticket, or cruise ship departure date, etc.
  • You need to travel to the island through air or cruise and not by land borders. You won’t be allowed to get into the island without a visa if you enter through land ports. So, ensure to travel via air or water.
  • You should not be in the Interpol wanted list

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