Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Greet

If you have been to Ho Chi Minh before, then you probably knew that the airport here is very busy. It is for this reason why the Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Greet service was launched. The aim is to help passengers to be able to pass through the airport faster and easier. With their help, you don’t need to deal with the long lines as you arrive. You’ll be escorted into the fast track lane when passing through immigration, customs, and security. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Greet

The Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Greet service will help you to quickly get out of the airport. For this service, someone will be waiting for you as you exit the aircraft. The staff will be holding a banner with your name so you will know who to approach.

After welcoming you with a friendly smile, you will then be escorted towards the arrival terminal so you can go through airport formalities. If you need a visa, the staff will take care of that on your behalf. Instead of queuing along with the other passengers, you’ll be sitting comfortably on the side. In only a few minutes, you’ll get your passport back with a visa stamp in it.

After getting a visa stamp, the staff will then walk you towards Passport Control. You’ll be passing at the fast track lane so you can avoid the long wait. In only a few minutes, you will be on your way out of the terminal.

What Services Can You Avail From the Airport Meet and Greet?

The team behind the Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Greet offers different services to passengers. Their goal is to make your journey to Ho Chi Minh as seamless as possible. This is especially true for foreign visitors who are traveling for the first time in Vietnam. So here are the different services that they can offer for you:

1. Arrival Services

As you arrive at the airport of Ho Chi Minh, the number of passengers passing through the airport could overwhelm you. And if you came from a very tiring flight, this can make the experience even more frustrating. You definitely don’t want to be standing for hours at the visa counter for your visa application.

If you’ll hire the Meet and Greet team, they can expedite the process of your visa application. Also, you’ll be passing at fast track lanes so you can get out of the airport in only a few minutes. This is very helpful for transit passengers who need to catch another flight.

Also, entrepreneurs who are traveling for a business trip will surely appreciate the convenience that the service can offer. Aside from escorting you, the staff will also help carry your bags, which is even more convenient. If you have plenty of bags, a porter will be around to help you out.

2. Departure Services

Departing passengers can also benefit from the services that the Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Greet can offer. As you arrive at the airport to catch your flight, the staff will be waiting for you at the curbside. If you’ve got plenty of bags, they will also have a porter to meet you.

The staff will then walk you towards the check-in counter so you can check-in for your flight. You don’t have to queue at the counter since you will be prioritized. After the check-in procedures, you’ll be escorted into the fast track lane towards immigration. From the immigration, the staff will send you to the waiting lounge where you can wait for your flight. The lounge is very comfortable and you’ll be served some snacks as well.

3. Chauffeur Services

If you’re concerned about transportation, then leave your worries to the Meet and Greet team. Aside from the services mentioned above, they can also arrange a chauffeur-driven car for you. This is truly very convenient especially for those who are arriving in Ho Chi Minh late at night.

The Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Greet team will arrange a comfortable car for you and your companions to ride. Just inform them ahead of the number of people who will be taking the car. That way, they can arrange a car that can accommodate your group. A professional chauffeur who is very familiar with the streets of Ho Chi Minh will be driving the car.

4. Baggage Porter Service

For travelers who have plenty of bags, the baggage porter service will come in handy. With this service, a porter will be waiting for you at the luggage carousel area. He will help pick up your bags and carry them on your behalf.

The porter that the Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Greet will provide is very professional. He will handle your bags well and will send you into your waiting car.