Vietnam Airport Meet and Greet Services

Do you want a hassle-free way of passing through the airports of Vietnam? Then you should take advantage of the Vietnam airport meet and greet services. For a minimal fee, you’ll be treated like a VIP when you arrive or depart the airport. A professional greeter will welcome you and escort you from security to immigration and towards the arrival lounge. After flying for several hours and suffering from jetlag, this service is what you need to get your Vietnam holiday started. If you’re interested to know more about this service, then here’s everything you need to know.

Why Hire the Vietnam Airport Meet and Greet Services

If you want a faster and more convenient way of passing at Vietnam airports, you should consider using the meet and greet service. Busy businessmen who are traveling to Vietnam and in a hurry to catch a meeting can benefit from this. With their help, you don’t need to queue along with thousands of other passengers. They will personally welcome you as you arrive and assist you all the way to the arrival lounge.

The staffs of the Vietnam airport meet and greet service are trained professionals. They are very familiar with the airports of Vietnam and can help you pass quickly and easily. After welcoming you, they will guide you towards Passport Control, security check, customs, etc. They can even assist you with your luggage, which makes everything more convenient.

For connecting passengers, the staff will make sure that you’ll reach the departing terminal in time for your flight. So if you are transiting at the airport in Vietnam, the airport meet and greet service is highly recommended for you.

What To Expect from Vietnam Airport Meet and Greet

When you book the Vietnam airport meet and greet service, the staff will be assigned to meet you and assist you in passing through the airport. The person will be waiting at the arrival gate while holding a banner with your name in it. Then you will be escorted as you enter the terminal building of the airport. For departing passengers, the greeter will be at the curbside and will wait for you as your taxi pulls up.

You will be treated like a VIP when you avail of the Vietnam airport meet and greet. Just like celebrities, you will be escorted when passing through airport formalities. You will be passing through special lanes dedicated to special passengers like you. Thus, there’s no longer a need for you to queue along with other passengers.

Pre-booking Porters, Buggy, and Other Services

Another advantage of using the Vietnam airport meet and greet is that you can pre-book a golf buggy. This is very useful for passengers with limited mobility. These include the elderly, pregnant women, disabled passengers, and others who can’t walk for a longer period of time. You can also pre-book porters if you are traveling with lots of bags. With this service, a porter will come to meet you at the arrival lounge. He will then help you in claiming your bags at the luggage carousel. After picking up your bags, the porter will send you to your waiting car.

Chauffer driven cars can also be organized through the airport meet and greet service. This is highly recommended to those who will arrive in the middle of the night. It can be a challenge to hire a taxi due to language barriers. The experience can even be more frustrating if you came from a very long flight and you are already tired. If you’ll request for a vehicle, the car will be waiting for you outside the airport terminal. You can choose from premium or executive vehicles. Simply inform them of the number of passengers who will use the car. That way, they can look for a vehicle that can accommodate all of you.

VIP Service at Very Affordable Prices

The Vietnam Airport Meet and Greet is truly very useful for foreign travelers. You will be treated like a VIP by paying only a minimal fee. It’s great for those who came from a very long flight and are not familiar with the airport formalities. Depending on the services that you will avail, the rates are very reasonable.

The meet and greet service is available at most of the major airports in Vietnam. You can avail of the service at Hanoi airport, Ho Chi Minh airport, and Da Nang airport. This service is applicable to both arriving and departing passengers. For departing passengers, the service will include staying at a waiting lounge that is usually reserved only for business class passengers.

Make sure to book the Vietnam Airport Meet and Greet Service as early as possible. That way, they can arrange for one of their staff to meet you. If your flight has changed, inform them immediately.

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