Vietnam vs Cambodia – where to go?

If you’re heading to Southeast Asia, you’re likely thinking about visiting either Cambodia or Vietnam – or perhaps both! But if you don’t have time for that, we got you covered with this article of Vietnam vs Cambodia – where to?

The two neighboring countries are both very popular tourist destinations and is frequently visited by international travelers. Vietnam and Cambodia are still rooted deep in tradition and proudly boasts some of the most incredible natural wonders, bustling city life and awe-inspiring historical sites. So which country might suit your preferences better? Let’s dive in.

Cambodia 🇰🇭

Like Vietnam, the history of Cambodia is tumultuous and the country has witnessed much suffering. But they are on the road to recovery and nowadays, the country is thriving. Cambodia is known for its beautiful beaches, markets, many temples and of course – Angkor Wat. Perhaps the country’s most famous landmark, it’s a must when visiting Cambodia. It’s one of the seven wonders of the world and you will understand why it is once you lay your eyes on it. It’s difficult not to be amazed by Angkor Wat, with its temples breathing history and fascinating Khmer style architecture. The best way to get around Angkor Wat is by tuk tuk. You will want to hire one for the whole day! The area is massive and if you want to hop from temple to temple, you’ll need a vehicle to get around. Nevertheless, the experience in Angkor Wat is a once-in-a-lifetime and will showcase some of the best parts of Cambodia.

The country is also known to be a bit less touristy than Vietnam and there’s still plenty of unexplored regions that must be visited. However, don’t miss out on the cute towns of Battambang and Kampot, a rising star when it comes to the tourism scene. The pace of life is slower here, more relaxed, but there’s still tons of things to do and see. When it comes to beaches, make sure to island hop around Koh Rong to find some of the most stunning and well preserved beaches in the entire Southeast Asia. If that won’t make you fall in love with Cambodia, then nothing will! The good thing is that all islands offer something different. Some are more for the party goers while others are more for relaxing. Depending on your mood, you can just pick whichever paradise island that suits you best! Cambodia sure has a lot to offer for those who has time to truly discover it. The charm, the kindness of the people, the landscapes… There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t go to Cambodia.

Vietnam 🇻🇳

A favorite amongst travelers, Vietnam has been on the radar for quite some time now and the popularity doesn’t seem to stop. One of the reasons why people have fallen in love with it is the incredible diversity that Vietnam has to offer. You have everything here – beaches, mountains, jungle, waterfalls, islands, city life and cute little towns that are just waiting to be explored. The locals are also very friendly and welcoming to travelers so it’s not difficult to instantly fall in love with the country. Although tourism has really picked up here, there’s still plenty of places that are untouched. Just like Cambodia, you have fantastic landscapes that are unbeatable. The contrasting environments in Vietnam just adds to the experience as well. The north, central and south Vietnam differs from each other in food, sceneries and sometimes even culture. So if you’re prepared for this rollercoaster, hop on a motorbike and start making your way through the country!

Vietnam is also known for its amazing food, one that is often mentioned as the best cuisine… in the world! The food is tasty, fresh, healthy and diverse. There’s everything from noodle soups to Vietnamese style crepes and the famous ‘banh mi’ which is a baguette filled with all kinds of delicious things. If you can, do a food tour in each region you visit so you can try different specialties and get an understanding of the regional food. This way, you get to try as much food as possible! And don’t worry – it’s very cheap in Vietnam. It’s the budget travelers dream.

What makes Vietnam so much fun is that you can find almost everything here. The possibilities are endless! If you want to laze around by the beach for weeks, you can just go to the coast or fly to one of the islands. If you want something more adventurous, you can go hiking in the north or in one of the world’s largest caves. If you’re seeking for nightlife, there’s always a reason to party in Vietnam, especially if you’re in the big cities. But if you’re more into romantic settings, go to Hoi An, a coast city with its stunning architecture and traditional lanterns that will blow you away. So as you can see, Vietnam is a fair contender and it continues to be a favorite amongst international travelers.

If you can, you must visit both Vietnam and Cambodia. They are both equally beautiful and fun to explore. Traveling there is always a pleasure and both of the countries has lots of things to offer. But if you only have time for one, then you have to choose… Will it be Vietnam or Cambodia?

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