Is shopping cheap in Vietnam?

Whether it’s your favourite High-end showroom or street-side market, the thrill of shopping is something that none of us can resist. When talking about shopping in Vietnam, ranging from textiles to art, jewellery to handicrafts, this country has quite a few to offer. These shopping places and malls are also the best places for traditional Vietnamese clothing in souvenirs. Not only shopping is cheap, but you can also get a cheap Vietnam visa.

Here is a guide to shopping in Vietnam that will make your shopping experience in Vietnam more pleasant.

Ben Thanh Market:

Ben Thanh Market is one of the must-visit markets in Ho Chi Minh City. It is a busy area that is regularly crowded by visitor’s both International and the locals. Here, Vietnamese coffee is one of the most sought after commodity, and you can find a wide variety of the same here.

You can also skim through an extensive collection of luggage, handicrafts, apparel, Textiles, watches, and electronic goods. Morning times are perfect for getting your hands on freshly picked seafood, nuts, fruits, and spices. If you are a foodie and have got your Vietnam visa cheap, we suggest you visit this place to try local street food at a reasonable price. You can find vegetarian noodles, crispy rice pancakes, spring rolls, fresh seafood, and steamed cakes. The unique items you should have a look and pick here include art pieces and bamboo goods available at good affordable prices.

Binh Tay Market:

The Binh Tay Market or Cholon is one of the perfect places to visit if you want to witness the local Buddhist culture. In this region, you can find a wide variety of food items and goods that illustrate an amalgam of Chinese and Vietnamese cultures.

If you plan to visit Vietnam with a cheap Vietnam visa fee, you should visit this place to find an exquisite collection of various authentic items, including textiles, handicrafts, lacquerware, and garden-fresh harvest, which is quite a staple here. Besides, Cholon has a historical aspect to it and has an altar to honour the founder of Binh Tay.

Hanoi Night Market:

With a cheap Vietnamese visa, you should shop at Hanoi Night Market under the starry Vietnamese Sky, which is unique in every right. Bubbling crowd and a myriad of colours will welcome you into this happy affair where you can witness the decorated Hanoi historical landmarks.

Here about the shopping encounter, you can find a wide array of delicious treats such as bun cha, banh mi, pho, and more. You can also find other miscellaneous items at prices as low as 25% of the original quoted price, including sunglasses, souvenirs, and shoes.

An Dong Market:

An Dong Market in Han Chi Minh City is one of the great indoor shopping options which has good collections of clothing and fabrics. This market is arranged over different levels. At the lowest level where you can find some exceptional food items to gorge on. If you want to buy some souvenirs in this market, you should check out the top floor. Animal figures, chopsticks, carved incense burners are some of the few items available here. Visit this place for great merchandise at affordable rates if you have your cheap Vietnamese visa.

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