Vietnam Tourist Visa Fees for Barbados Citizens

If you are traveling from Barbados to Vietnam as a tourist, you will find many fun things to do. But before you can enjoy all that Vietnam has to offer, you need to get a visa. A cheap Vietnam visa will allow you entry into the country for a short visit. If you just want a simple break and to see a few sights, then a short stay visa would be fine.

For a short stay, you can apply for a 15-day visa. A visa agent can help you get the Vietnam visa cheap although you will still have to pay the standard stamp fee that is levied by the government of Vietnam.

If on the other hand, you wish to see all that the country has to offer tourists, then you should apply for a longer stay visa, this could be as long as 3 months or even 6 months. Such a visa would allow you to exhaust all your desire to explore Vietnam. An agent can still help you get this visa. They would also be able to advise you on the Vietnam visa fee.

Single Entry or Multiple Entry

When choosing a visa, you can opt for a single entry visa which will allow you to enter the country only once and if you exit, you will have to reapply for a visa and make payments again even if you exit without exhausting the number of days on your visa. This visa may make the Vietnam visa total cost lower, but it is only appropriate if you are not likely to exit the country and then want to get back in.

If you will want to exit and enter the country several times, then you should apply for the multiple entry visa. This visa may be more expensive but it will serve the purpose. Some tourists may find themselves at one of Vietnam’s borders and wish to cross over to see the neighboring country and then cross back to Vietnam. If you think this is a possibility, then apply for the multiple entry visa. A six-month multiple entry visa also gives you the chance to experience different seasons in Vietnam. You can spend a few months and then return home then come back after a few months to enjoy the next season.


The Vietnam visa cost may vary according to the agent you use. Some agents may be more expensive than the others and that pushes the price up. Find out from the agency you are using what their cost is before you hire their services.

For the visa itself, you will pay a standard fee that is set by the Vietnam immigration. The stamps fee is 25 dollars for a single entry visa and 50 dollars for a multiple entry visa. The e-visa Vietnam cost will be indicated to you once you apply for a particular visa with an indication of the number of days or months you intend to stay.

We help Barbados citizens successfully secure Vietnam visas. We give you a guarantee that if your visa application is declined, we shall refund your money 100%.