Where to travel in your early 20s

Traveling is something you can do no matter your age. But when you’re in your early 20s, you might be looking for certain travel destinations that feels more risky, adventurous, and where you can meet like minded people. If you’re in your early 20s and want to start traveling the world, check out this list of where to travel in your early 20s and start checking those countries off your bucket list!


One of the best regions to travel in is Southeast Asia, especially when you’re in your early 20s. Vietnam is one of those countries that you must travel to in your early 20s because it’s become somewhat of a backpackers heaven. Here, you can drive cross-country with a motorbike, get drunk on plastic stools while drinking the world’s cheapest beer, live like a millionaire (literally!), and sleep in party hostels where you’ll barely get any sleep because every day is a day to get drunk. There’s more to Vietnam than just that though – you also have gorgeous beaches, mountains, majestic caves, UNESCO World Heritage sites, sand dunes, and much more. Vietnam is truly a terrific country to visit, no matter the age, but when you’re in your early 20s, you’ll be able to experience a completely different side of the country.


If Thailand isn’t on a list of “where to travel in your early 20s” then something is wrong. Because there’s not really many other countries that screams young backpackers. Thailand has become a haven for backpackers who are looking for culture, nature and a little bit of party. The islands especially is famous for its party scene and you’ve surely heard of the “Full Moon Party” in Koh Phangan. What also makes Thailand a good destination in your early 20s is that it’s easy to travel around in, safe and relatively cheap. If you’re going to solo travel for the first time for example, you should start in Thailand. You’ll never be alone there because it’s always crowded with fun, young people who are looking for the next pub.


Netherlands is so much more than just Amsterdam, but most tourists are usually drawn to the bustling capital city. Amsterdam is no doubt beautiful, with its colorful canals and lively streets. Amsterdam in general tend to attract a younger crowd, which makes this one of the best places where you should travel in your 20s. If you have some time to spare, make your way to Rotterdam, the second biggest city in the Netherlands. For those who don’t like crowds, skip Amsterdam entirely since it can be overly touristy in summer time. Groningen is another city in the Netherlands that’s worth visiting and the Hague.


The carnival in Brazil is one of the world’s biggest parties and must be put on your bucket list, if it’s not already on it. But besides attending a massive party, Brazil also offers some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches, fascinating culture, great food, and lots of dancing. Traveling in Brazil is never boring and you’ll always have something fun to do, whether you’re going island hopping, dancing samba or exploring Rio de Janeiro, life is always great in Brazil.


Most of the people who travels to Australia usually goes for a working holiday visa. Since the country is expensive to travel around in, this is a great option to both save money, experience Australian and being able to travel afterwards. Australia is perfect for those who has just quit school and don’t really wanna start going to uni or getting a job at home yet. The salaries are also high and the country is safe – and absolutely breathtaking! The working holiday visa is only available until you turn 30 so don’t waste it!

New Zealand

After you’re done in Australia, pop over to New Zealand and start making your way across the north and south island. Breathtakingly beautiful views awaits in the land of nature. It might not be the cheapest destination in the world or easily accessible if you live far away, but it’s definitely worth it. You can try some adventurous activities here such as bungee jumping, kayaking, hikes, skydiving, and more. Once you’re in New Zealand, it’ll be difficult to leave because the country is so charming and so are its citizens.


Sunshine, surf and great food – what more can one want? Lisbon, the capital city, has flourished in the past years and is now one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. But don’t just stop at Lisbon. Visit the equally charming Porto in the north and then make your way down south to Algarve to see some of Europe’s most stunning nature. Portugal is both easily accessible, affordable, cultural and gorgeous in every sense. It’s the perfect destination when you’re in your early 20s.

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