Top 7 reasons why you have to visit Vietnam in 2020

As the new year is almost arriving, it’s time to start planning your trips for 2020. Will you start the year in cold Europe? Or are you perhaps looking for somewhere warmer? Then Southeast Asia is a destination that will suit you perfectly. Southeast Asia is no stranger to tourism, but there’s always something new to discover there and you’ll always have a blast revisiting it. There’s one country in Southeast Asia that stands out a bit more though and it’s Vietnam. From delicious food to a vibrant culture, beautiful beaches and bustling cities – here are the top 7 reasons why you have to visit Vietnam in 2020.

Go for the history

The history is Vietnam is one of the oldest in Southeast Asia, dating back to 2000 BC. It has a complicated and fascinating history that starts from its native Dong Son culture and spans thousands of years. Not only has it been influenced by the French, but also by Indian, Chinese and Khmer cultures.

Go for the food

The food in Vietnam is nothing but amazing. You’ve probably heard of it before – that’s because the Vietnamese food is known worldwide and you can find restaurants all over the world. But what better place to eat it than at its origins? What’s good about traveling around in Vietnam is that the food differs from region to region, so you’ll always have something new to try. Don’t forget about the street food either, which is a trademark of Vietnam. Grab some food by one of the local street vendors, sit in a small plastic stool and enjoy your meal the local way. Vietnamese food is always fresh, very tasty and more healthy than you’d think.

Go for the abundance of fruit

Exotic fruits is something that Vietnam is not missing. So if you’re a big fan of fresh mangos, pineapple, dragon fruit, watermelon, you name it! Then you’ll definitely enjoy your time in Vietnam eating some of the tastiest and freshest fruits. Don’t be afraid to try some new ones, even if they have spikes! They’re the most delicious.

Go for the coffee

Vietnam is the second biggest exporter of coffee in the entire world, just after Brazil, and you can be sure that coffee is a huge deal in Vietnam. The locals love it, travelers love it, everyone absolutely loves the coffee in Vietnam! You’ll never go a day without seeing and smelling freshly brewed coffee. As of recently, the coffee scene in Vietnam has been bursting and new, hipster cafés has opened throughout the country. You can also visit coffee plantations where you get to see how it goes from farm to cup. But if you want to do it like the locals, go to the small, local coffee shop and once again, sit down in a plastic stool while sipping on some brewed coffee with condensed milk. If you feel adventurous, try ordering the ‘egg coffee’, a specialty in Vietnam that tastes a bit like tiramisu almost.

Go for the nature

The nature in Vietnam is splendid, full of surprises and always beautiful. There’s lots and lots of beaches for those who prefer to swim and get tanned. But you also have magnificent mountains that you can hike up to, rolling hills, rice fields and waterfalls. If you can, you should rent a motorbike and go cross country. This way, you can explore the more “off the beaten path” tracks and get a glimpse of the rural life in Vietnam.

Go for the prices

Vietnam is known for being a budget friendly destination and we all love it when we can actually afford traveling and enjoying without having to think about breaking the wallet. Everything is very reasonably priced here, from accommodation to food, activities and transportation.

Go for the people

The locals are warm, friendly, curious and fun. The Vietnamese people love to have a good time and they won’t shy away from inviting you to their events. It’s so important when you travel to encounter friendly locals that can both help you if you and be a friend at the same time. The Vietnamese can definitely be both.

Before you go to Vietnam, remember to apply for your Vietnam visa before entering the country. Almost all nationalities are required to have a visa, although there are a few exceptions. If you’re not sure, ask your embassy. Most travelers prefer to apply for the ‘Visa on Arrival’ which is an online visa that you can apply for safely from your home. The other option is to go via the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate and apply with them. You’ll need to book an appointment with them though and bring all the important documents. This option is not as convenient as the online visa, therefore it’s always advisable to get a Visa on Arrival.

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