The lucky nationalities that do not need a visa to enter Vietnam

A visa is usually required for those who wants to travel around in Vietnam, but for some passport holders, it’s not necessary to obtain a visa. This is because they’re the lucky ones who hold a passport that allows them to roam freely in Vietnam without a visa – at least for a period of time. Certain nationalities are on the visa exempt list due to unilateral and bilateral agreements between the Vietnamese government and their corresponding countries. A total of 23 nationalities may enter Vietnam without a visa. If you’re interested in knowing the lucky nationalities that do not need a visa to enter Vietnam, continue reading:

Visa free for 14 days:

Visa free for 15 days: Brunei Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Spain. The UK, France, Italy and Germany will also be on the visa exempt list as of 2021. Belarus will be visa exempt from the year 2020.

Vietnam Prolongs Visa Waiver for 13 Countries

Visa free for 21 days and free for: Philippines

Free visa for 30 days:

Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos.

Myanmar and Vietnam Travellers To get 30-Day Visa-free Visits to Boost Tourism

Visa free for 90 days: Chile

As of 2019, you may easily apply for a visa renewal if you intend on staying longer than the exemption allows you to. You can apply for a renewal at either of the main Immigration Department located in Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. However, it might be a bit costly. Therefore, if you want to avoid this process and save both time and money, you should apply for the appropriate tourist visa before your arrival.

This also concerns those who are not on the visa exempt list and has to apply for the Vietnam visa. To do this, you may either get a ‘Visa on Arrival’, ‘E-Visa’, or go to the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate. The online visas are usually preferred by tourists since it’s easy, fast to get and affordable. The Visa on Arrival is especially popular since you can choose to apply for a 1-month, 3 month and even one year visa. With the electronic visa (e-visa), you may only stay in Vietnam for one month and it’s a single entry visa. This is good for those who already knows they won’t be staying in Vietnam for longer than one month and will not exit the country during this time. The e-Visa saves you time at the airport while you have to wait for your passport to get stamped with the Visa on Arrival. The fees for the visa also varies depending on location of application, nationality, duration of stay and if you’re applying for a single or multiple entry visa.

The third option is to apply via the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate. You will have to book an appointment with them though and bring all necessary documents with you to the embassy. This is a good choice if you’re planning on entering Vietnam by land. Acquiring a ‘Visa on Arrival’ is only suitable for those who are flying into the country, not crossing by land. Therefore, you need to plan your trip before going so you know which visa is appropriate for you.

Once you’ve got your visa, it’s time to plan your stay in Vietnam! What’s so good about the country is the diversity and beauty. There’s so much to do and see here that everyday will feel like an adventure. Most travelers who are on the visa exempt list and can stay for 15 days chooses to get a regular tourist visa instead since it’s highly recommended to travel in Vietnam for at least one month. Traveling across the country takes time and every town and city is worth staying in for at least a few days. The natural scenery in Vietnam is also stunningly beautiful and you can do a ton of outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing or exploring massive caves. When you’re tired and just want to relax, hit the beach! The coastline in Vietnam is stunning and offers tons of white sand beaches where you can sunbathe, go swimming, snorkel, scuba diving or why not try kitesurfing. Vietnam is also home to many islands that you can either access via flight or ferry. But don’t forget about the bustling cities that never seems to sleep. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are two great examples of Vietnamese cities where you can immerse yourself in the Vietnamese culture and traditions.

So, are you ready to start traveling in one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries in the world? Then start sorting out your visa, pack your bags, plan your trip and get going. You only live one life so why not live it to the fullest! Start your trip to Vietnam today!

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