Tips To Follow When Applying For Vietnam E-Visa For French

The world is big and beautiful. There is so much to explore – from people, culture, food to the natural landscape or architecture, but there is so little time. However, if you’re someone who loves travelling then you will find South-East Asia to have a whole new ambiance and feeling that is quite different from Europe.
If you are interested to explore the culturally and naturally diverse South-East Asia, then your list of destination must include the exotic country of Vietnam. To travel to another country, one must have a passport and visa. Passport will be issued by your country for identification while travelling abroad, but you have to apply to Vietnamese embassy in France for visa. What you can do instead, is apply for Vietnam e-visa for French citizens. Note that it is absolutely safe to apply for an e-visa online.

What Is Vietnam e-visa?

Vietnam has been issuing e-visa since 2017. Electronic visa or e-visa is different from visa. You can apply online for an e-visa. Go to Vietnam government’s website to apply online. It makes the whole process faster and easier when you apply for e-visa.

Keep in mind that it is a single use visa. It will be valid for 30 days from the day of your entry into the country and after the 30 days period you will need to renew the visa. You will receive the e-visa in a PDF format. Be sure to apply for your children too, whether they hold individual passport or are registered under your passport.

What To Be Mindful Of When Applying for Vietnam E-Visa For French Citizen

There are a few things any traveller should keep in mind when travelling to another country. You should always be well-informed about the country’s legal requirements, otherwise you might face serious consequences. When you are applying for a Vietnam e-visa for French citizens, be aware of all the rules and regulations of the country regarding the visa.

  • First of all, visiting Vietnam is visa-free for French citizens for up to 15 days. After that, they need a visa to enter and stay in the country of Vietnam. Therefore, you should definitely apply for e-visa.
  • Make note that there are actually two types of e-visa available to a French citizen. You can either apply for Vietnam e-visa for French citizens prior to travelling, or you can get a Vietnam e-visa on arrival.
  • As a French citizen, a visa on arrival will allow you to stay in Vietnam for a total of 90 days. The e-visa will allow you to stay there for 30 days as it is a single entry visa. Please keep in mind that overstay without permission can lead to serious consequences.
  • Before applying for a Vietnam e-visa for French citizens, you need to make sure you have a valid passport that has a validity period of at least 6 months from the date you enter the country.
  • Other than a valid passport, you will need two passport size photo, a visa approval letter and stamp fee to apply for the Vietnam e-visa for French
  • Along with your photo, you will also need a scan of your personal details in your passport and a copy of the last page of the passport to apply for the e-visa for Vietnam.
  • The fees for the Vietnam e-visa for French citizens vary according to the processing time. The standard processing time will cost you 35 USD, it will take about 3 business days to get your visa. The Rush Processing takes a time of about 2 business days to give you your visa, it will cost you 75 USD. The Super Rush Processing is the quickest process, taking only 1 business days of time to deliver your visa, it will cost you 105 USD.
  • It should not take more than a few hours to process your e-visa. However, the queue time for visa on arrival in Vietnam may vary.
  • Keep all the documents required for the application e-visa. Once you have them ready, you can fill up the application form. You will need to give your name, date of birth, nationality, and the airport you will arrive on and the date of your arrival, and passport number.
  • Now you can pay for the process through your credit/debit card or you can choose to pay through PayPal account.
  • You will receive your e-visa through email. You will need to download and print your e-visa.
  • When you arrive in Vietnam you will need to show your passport and the printed copy of your e-visa.
  • Note that you can enter Vietnam any day after the specified date of arrival but it has to be within the stay period in the country.

Preparing a comprehensive checklist for your Vietnam e-visa for French can be beneficial. You will get approved for the e-visa thus planning your trip as soon as possible.

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