Step-By-Step Procedures For Vietnam E-Visa For German

Do you want to have a holiday in Vietnam and revel in its gorgeous and energetic culture immersed in the face of olden times? Are you an inhabitant of Germany?  Then you can apply for a Vietnam e-visa for German citizens if you plan on staying more than 15 days inside the country. The procedure of acquiring a visa is not very complex for a citizen of Germany as the rate of tourist visiting Vietnam is quite high. As of the statistics available for the month of November 2019, Germany alone contributes to about 11.2 percent in the 1.81 million visited.

The exempted cases

Visitors will be able to stay for 30-days with an e-visa. However, there are certain exemptions that one needs to know about. He or she may not have access to a Vietnamese consulate. So, it would be best for them to go for the online route. Point to note, German travelers arriving directly at Vietnam can visit the country without any visa for 15 days; they have to provide an outbound ticket upon questioning.

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The arrival points

The way to travel from Germany to Vietnam is mainly by air, and you can arrive through 28 international frontier posts within the country, including eight international airports. In all cases, a traveler from the German lands will have to show his or her accepted e-visa in the customs booth before entering the country and get it stamped. Therefore, it would be better to fulfill all the regulations and have a Vietnam e-visa for German to present when and wherever needed.

List of Ports that allowed foreigners enter and exit Vietnam by E-visa.

The procedure for application

How to apply?

As a matter of fact, a German citizen with a plan to stay for fewer than 15 days in Vietnam does not need to show a visa. However, if they want to stay in the country for more than 30 days; or, to enter the country multiple times and the interval between each visit is more than 15 days, then the visitor must apply for and obtain a Vietnam e-visa for German tourist. This visa permits the carrier to visit the Vietnamese lands and enjoy freedom in the lush tropical greenery.

Online method

There are two ways to apply for a Vietnam e-visa for German citizens; either going to the consulate and filling up the forms or going online at the nominated gateway for the visa. The online process is endorsed as it excludes the appointment to the embassy, waiting in the line, filing it, and other related jobs. The whole job could be completed with an internet connection, a smartphone or a computer, and the scanned copies of the required documents.

The applicant will have to yield the proof of a few elementary identifications, passport details, and the scanned copies of its backup documents. This also minimizes the chance of misplacing these documents as they do not have to be physically carried. So, if you want to get a Vietnam e-visa for German tourists and do it in a trouble-free way, then it will be best to go for the online approach than any other process of application.

What are the required documents?

The candidates for the Vietnam e-visa for German inhabitants will have to keep ready some elementary papers and upload them on the portal when needed. The documents of which scanned copies are needed can be listed as;

  1. A valid passport (at least 6 months) and blank pages for new stamps.
  2. A photo of your full passport information page in .jpg extension.
  3. Two passport photos in .jpg format without any spectacle in front of a white background. The measurement should be 4” ×6”. Photo Guide.
  4. A valid international credit or debit card
  5. An email address for support purposes (no scanned copy needed for this)
  6. A provisional address inside Vietnam
  7. Your admission and departure dates
  8. Entry and exit points or airports

You may have to provide two passport size photographs, the approval letter and your German passport at the immigration counter when getting your visa full-stamped.

Other information

After you have applied for the Vietnam e-visa for German citizens, it would take about 2-3 days for the checks and then the verifications will be completed. You will need to remember the registration ID after applying as this is necessary for downloading the visa. The fee to pay for the visa is USD 25 payable by debit/credit card. After the approval, the visa will serve as a single-entry visa and will have validity for one month. Persons with criminal records are usually denied the visa. Therefore, the applicant should fill the form up carefully. So, the checklist will surely make the visa application procedure hassle-free.