Get The Vietnam E-Visa For Chinese And Travel To The Beautiful Country

Vietnam receives tourists from China every year. They have been close neighbors for a long time and there is a good deal of Chinese influence in the country. Therefore, the nation is filled with so many unseen places that attract numerous individuals across the planet. Vietnam can be described as a unique and beautiful nation, which has bustling cities and green landscape. There are so many places to visit, things to do, and good food that will tingle your taste buds. All can be possible when you have a visa.

The Vietnamese government has issued the process of e-visa for all visitors, which includes the nationals of China. The new visa process can be termed as the perfect alternative to the traditional visa process. Individuals from China can apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Chinese will no issues and the method is very straightforward. It will take not much of your time, and it is very much convenient and fast. This is because, it will help in reducing the time, energy and paperwork that you normally perform at the Embassy.

To learn more about the method of obtaining an e-visa, take this document as your guide and let it provide you with accurate information.

Things you need to know about the e-visa

The e-visa is known to be an electronic method of gaining a permit to enter the country of Vietnam. When you apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Chinese it will be valid for 30-days which is one month. This type of visa is known to be a single-entry since you can only enter the Vietnamese soil just once.

This rule is set for all the Chinese nationals who are from the mainland and also from Hong Kong and Macau. You need to follow the application procedure carefully and fill all the information where it is needed. Once the approval is done you will receive the visa in the form of a PDF file.

However, when you have the Vietnam e-visa for Chinese in your hands, you are advised to quickly print out a copy of your visa. This is because it will help the travel authorities at the border to grant access to the country. Also, be sure to present your passport to the authorities as well. The government of Vietnam will not approve individuals who use passports for different purposes.

Please be sure to present the passport which you have already used during the application process. You also need to carry all the documents that you have provided on the online platform. On the other, individuals who wish to stay in the country for over 30-days can take the option for multiple visas. This type of visa will allow you to stay in the country for six months.

The requirement for an e-visa

To get the e-visa in your hands, the process is very simple and easy that will take a few minutes to get the job done. However, as an applicant, you must meet all the requirements for the Vietnam e-visa. Given below are some of the most important things, which are required for the e-visa.

  • Apply for the¬†Vietnam e-visa for Chinese a week before your arrival to Vietnam.
  • Provide all the information related to your side.
  • For the Chinese passport, make sure it carries a 6-month validation, print out a scanned copy that includes the photo and keeps two blank pages in the passport.
  • The travel information must carry the details of your hotel address, the city you are going and the length of your stay.

When you fill the application for the Vietnam e-visa for Chinese make sure all the information and details are correct. Check them well before submitting and do not miss out on any of the basic questions. This is because the tiniest error can lead to delays in the approval or you might receive a straight rejection.

What is the process of applying?

To apply for your Vietnam e-visa for Chinese all you need to do have a good internet connection and a device like a smartphone or a laptop to proceed. Please meet all the requirements for the e-visa that is necessary. Once you are all done with the application process, all you need to is wait. The immigration authorities will check the application and it might take around 3 business days. You will receive your Vietnam e-visa for Chinese through the email address that you have provided in the application process. The application fees can be paid through either credit or debit card.

The summary!

You should follow all the information and have a clear picture of what you need to do. The document covers all the important areas for the e-visa process, making it easier for you to proceed.

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