Factors That Are Crucial While Getting Vietnam E-Visa For Filipino

Vietnam is a country which is known for the rivers, beaches and also for the Buddhist pagodas. The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi which is renowned as one of the most ancient capitals of the world. The tourists visit this place to have a look at the unique museums, colonial buildings along with the ancient pagodas.

Vietnam recently has added Philippines’ name in the countries that has the facility of providing Vietnam e-visa for Filipino to the visitors. This was only possible by looking at the track record of the tourists who visited the country in the previous years. It has been found that in tourism sector; many people will be recruited, creating a lot of opportunity for top talents across the world.

About the Vietnam E-visa

It has now become quite easy to get the Vietnam e-visa for Filipino. The E-visa allows the people of Philippines entry to Vietnam. This is an electronic visa which allows the person to visit the place for a business purpose or for a vacation or for a medical treatment. Vietnam is one of the most popular countries among the people of Philippines. To simplify the visa process, the country has come up with Vietnam e-visa for Filipino to help their visitors to get the e-visa easily. The visa is applicable for maximum time period of 30 days.

List Of Countries That Vietnam Allows For Vietnam E-Visa

Does the Filipino need an E-visa to travel the country?

Filipino travellers get 21-day exemption. After that, they need to apply for Vietnam e-visa for Filipino if they wish to travel the country. You need to present all the details to get an E-visa and then only you will be able to visit the country. To get an E-visa, the procedure is quite easy and simple and by applying for Vietnam e-visa for Filipino you will be able to visit the country without any difficulty.

Requirements and procedure for getting the Vietnam e-visa for Filipino

  1. To apply for Vietnam e-visa for Filipino, the applicant needs to have a scanned copy of the passport photo as well as details of the passport that he or she has.
  2. It is quite important that the scanned copy which you are sending with the application form should match with the actual image of the candidate.
  3. After completing the above process, the applicant needs to move to the link for applying for e-visa and then proceed by clicking on for foreigners.
  4. Then you need to enter the passport photo files as well as passport details carefully and properly.
  5. Make sure that you upload both the files separately. Add all the important details in the space provided.
  6. The candidate also needs to have a valid email address through which he or she will receive a copy of the valid E-visa.
  7. After filling the details of the application form the application fee needs to be paid.
  8. You must answer about the travel history as well as the basic security questions before submitting the application.
  9. The authorities do not refund the application fee even if they reject your application.
  10. You will receive a registration code after the successful submission of the application. The registration code will be useful for you to track the status of the application.
  11. The authorities approve the application within 5 business days and you can check the status of the application by visiting the site.
  12. If the approval of the E-visa is granted, then the e-visa paper needs to be printed and this will be your proof when you visit the country as a tourist.

Details that is required after arriving Vietnam

The person who is applying for Vietnam e-visa for Filipino needs to submit the details to the immigration authority. The details are

  1. Details related to hotel booking where you will be residing during the staying period also need to be submitted.
  2. You also need to present round trip air tickets.
  3. The passport that you are carrying should be valid for at least 6 months.
  4. You should also present the electronic record code.
  5. You shall also present the two photo graphs of size 4 x 6cm.
  6. For children who are below 14 years, the parents need to provide details of their visa. The authorities grant the visa based upon this.

Signing off

Vietnam is a place which offers its visitors with a wide variety of opportunities. But before getting carried away with the travel plans, you need to have Vietnam e-visa for Filipino. Vietnam is a country which is on the top spot of the Filipinos. By having the E-visa, you will be able to visit the country with your family.

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