Vietnam Visa on Arrival: Things to Know

Vietnam is an Asian country that is emerging as a popular tourist destination. Apart from its scenic beauty, savory food, and friendly locals, the immigration process is also fairly simple, which altogether makes it a highly tourist-friendly destination. People visit Vietnam for academic and business purposes as well.
To make it even easier, Vietnam has introduced an e-visa and Vietnam visa on arrival as well. Not only does this save travelers’ time and money but also has validity for years.  Additionally is a very convenient and simplified process.

Vietnam allows the citizens of 24 countries to travel in the country without their visas as well as 80 countries to get e-visas. However, Vietnam offers visa on arrival facility to citizens of every country.

How is Vietnam visa on Arrival Different from Vietnam e-visa?

Both of these methods of acquiring Vietnam visa aim at simplifying the procedure for travelers. The difference is that when you will apply for e-visa online then you will get the electronic visa in 3 days. You will get this on your registered email address. While the visa on arrival includes only registering for the attaining the visa approval letter.

So, in the case of visa on arrival, you do not get any type of visa, physical or electronic, before you get the approval letter stamped by the authority at the Vietnam international airport. Moreover, e-visa is only valid for single entry and a maximum of 30 days stay while visa on arrival lets you visit the country multiple times as well as stay in the country for a longer duration.

Understanding Vietnam visa on Arrival

Vietnam visa on arrival is a convenient alternative means to attain valid permission to visit the country. You can pick the visa on arrival at any of Vietnam’s international airports upon your arrival. This document allows travelers to extend their stay in the country for 30-90 days.

To acquire Vietnam visa on arrival, you need to obtain your approval letter for visa in advance. First, you need to fill an online application form. Next, you need to show it at the Vietnam airport to get your visa stamped on your passports. The best part is that you do not require to sendoff any document or passport to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival.

In general, Vietnam offers tourist visa (DL), working visa (LD), business visa (DN), and internship/student visa (DH). However, visa on arrival is applicable only as –

  • Business visa
  • Tourist visa

Is Vietnam visa on Arrival Legitimate?

You do not have to worry about visa on arrival being legitimate in Vietnam because it is. Getting a visa on arrival in Vietnam is a 100% legal process. The Vietnam Immigration Department grants the authorized approval letter for visas, which acts as the official permission that lets you board the flight and get a stamp on your visa and on your passport at international airports in Vietnam.

Vietnam visa on Arrival: How to Apply

Attaining a visa is many times a headache for the travelers because it includes waiting for hours at the embassy office for your turn or getting rejected to get the visa. The traditional method might cause unnecessary delays for a lot of travelers.

This is why most of the travelers opt for visa on arrival, as it is more convenient as well as effective. You will only have to fill in a pre-registration and a visa application form. After this, you will receive an approval letter in your registered email address.

Now, print this approval letter and along with it, carry your photographs as per Vietnam visa requirements and your passport to be shown at the immigration office for identification. Next, when you arrive in Vietnam, you need to present these documents in order to get a stamp from border entry point officials. This will authorize your entry.

Also, keep in mind that it is compulsory to bring your approval letter. You would not be allowed to board the airplane if you do not carry the approval letter.

Visa on Arrival: Processing Time and Fees

Processing Time

Generally, it takes one hour to 48 hours for the approval of visa letter, excluding Saturday, Sunday, and international and national holidays. In the cases of emergency visa, the process of getting approval visa letter takes only about two-three working hours.


When it comes to visa on arrival’s cost, you need to pay two types of fee:

  • Stamping fee – to be paid in the case at the Vietnam International Airport for getting the visa stamped
  • Service fee – to be paid online to the agency for obtaining the visa approval letter

Overall, this method is less expensive than traditional methods. Also, the fees may vary based on the type of visa you are applying.