Vietnam Transit Visa: Things to Know

If you are planning to visit some other country but have a layover in Vietnam, you must be aware of certain things. For example, if you are staying in the country for more than twenty-four hours, you will need a Vietnam transit visa.

The application process for the same is not complex, as you are required to fill up an application form and submit specific documents. Obtaining a Vietnam visa in advance is not crucial if you are arriving in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, or Hanoi. However, you will need to acquire an approval letter beforehand in order to purchase the Vietnam visa on arrival.

You do not need a Vietnam transit visa in the following cases.

  • You need to be transiting to another country within twenty-four hours. However, your destination country and country of origin cannot be the same, meaning that if you are coming from Singapore and going to any country except Singapore, you do not need the visa.
  • You need to possess a valid onward ticket.
  • One is not allowed to leave the airport’s international transit area.
  • You need to possess valid entry documentation to your final destination.
  • The service airline that you are traveling on must be a full-service airline since low-cost carriers like Jet Stat and Vietjet do not transport passengers without a Vietnam transit visa even if they are connected to a third country.

Visitors Staying Less Than Twenty-Four Hours

Anyone staying for less than twenty-four hours in Vietnam does not need to apply for Vietnam transit visa at all. This is because the traveler needs to remain at the seaport terminal or the airport for the complete transition period. And in such cases, the time period becomes less than one day.

The applicants who arrive at the airport for their onward flight need to follow the transfer signs. And these signs should be followed to reach the international transfer area. If the applicant wishes to make a smooth entry in Vietnam, then they should submit the following:

  • A proof of their onward travel
  • A passport with 6 months validity
  • Submission of required documents to reach the country safely

If the applicant wants to leave the airport, they need to possess Vietnam transit visa.

How to Apply?

The process of applying for Vietnam transit visa is fairly easy. The applicants can transit through Vietnam smoothly to their destination through this visa. The applicant needs to submit their application form at least seventy-two hours before their flight to Vietnam starts.

Once the visa is approved, the details would be sent to the registered email address of the applicant. And in order to apply for this visa, the applicant should submit the following documents.

  • Personal information (full name, passport details, and date of birth)
  • A digitally scanned picture that complies with the photograph requirements of Vietnam transit visa.
  • Digitally scanned passport with a validity of six months
  • Payment of the required fees via their credit/debit card
  • The applicant needs to answer basic questions, such as their reason for visiting

One the entire procedure is completed, the applicant will receive the visa within three working days. It will be sent as a pdf fine to their registered email address. The applicant may choose to attain a hard copy of the pdf file for enhanced convenience. The visitor is required to present the visa while undergoing the process for immigration.

You must keep in mind that while you are exiting Vietnam, you will have to keep sufficient time in your hands before boarding the onward flight. So, if you are away from the airport, make sure to reach the airport three hours before the expiry of transition stay validity.

Things to Remember

Some travelers stay in Vietnam more than twenty-four hours, while others stay for less than twenty-four hours. For those who will stay in the country for more than twenty-four hours, it is essential to hold a valid passport as well as Vietnam transit visa.  People who wish to leave the country amidst their transition period can use this visa.

So, for most of the people who are traveling and Vietnam falls in between, this visa may be a necessity. Their onward travel can then be implemented either via a boat or via a flight. So, if you happen to stay in the country for more than twenty-four hours, make sure to possess the visa before.

However, if you are in the country only for the few hours due to layover in any of Vietnam’s cities, you do not require the transit visa. But you would not be allowed to leave the airport without the visa. If your documents are right and you have all the proofs of your travel to the next destination, you are unlikely to face any problems.

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