Vietnam eVisa From Cambodia To Enter Via Land Borders

Traveling is essential to enhance your personality and confidence to do things on your own. It is important to visit an abroad country to experience their culture, enjoy the picturesque beauty, and create some priceless memories. If you are shortlisting some countries for your next travel expedition, you can think about Vietnam anytime. Vietnam is a great place to travel and relish its cultural vibrancy. While visiting a foreign country you need to take several things into consideration to make your visit completely legal. The first step towards that is acquiring a visa. You need to acquire a Vietnam visa to visit the country legally. If you are a Cambodian citizen who is willing to visit Vietnam, then you can acquire Vietnam eVisa from Cambodia within a few easy steps.

There’s nothing strenuous that you need to get your visa cleared. Now that the Vietnamese government has made all the procedures simple for foreign travelers, you don’t need to worry about getting a Vietnam eVisa from Cambodia.

Visa for Cambodians

Generally, travelers often get confused about getting this particular visa and think it is an expensive affair, but in reality, it is actually quite simple and feasible. Travelers from Cambodia can cross the Vietnam borders if they have a Vietnam eVisa from Cambodia.

While Vietnam visa on arrival can give you the entry through  selected Vietnam airport, Vietnam eVisa can give you land entry as well. That means you can cross the land border with this type of visa.

All you need to make sure is to check the eligibility of your country from the list of 8-0 countries that are eligible for eVisa. You can get the list from the Vietnam embassy’s official website. If you are eligible, then apply for the Vietnam eVisa from Cambodia today and avoid the long queues and prolonged appointment schedules.

Vietnam – Cambodia Borders You Need To Get Acquainted With

  • Kaam Samnor – Vinh Xuong

This is one of the popular and most used borders from where you can enter Vietnam by crossing a river. This particular river joints Chau Doc in Vietnam with the Phnom Penh in Cambodia. You can take this borderline into consideration while entering Vietnam with an eVisa.

  • Phnom Den – Tinh Bien

Another most popular borders of Vietnam and Cambodia is Phnom Den – Tinh Bien, which is essentially open to all the visitors. You can experience a slight difficulty in getting the right Cambodian transportation to the border, but else, this particular border is quite traveler-friendly when it comes to cross the border with Vietnam eVisa from Cambodia.

  • Bavet – Moc Bai

Bavet – Moc Bai is probably the first Vietnam – Cambodia border that travelers have explored and preferred. It is one of the most crossed borders that witness plenty of visitors on a yearly basis. You can easily find land transports to cross this border.

  • Prek -Chak – Xa Xia

If you wish to cross Prek – Chak – Xa Xia border, then it is mandatory to acquire A Vietnam eVisa from Cambodia. Generally, this border is used by motorbike riders from Kep. And they all have to acquire a Vietnam eVisa before starting a journey. If you are among those bikers, make sure you are equipped with the eVisa.

  • Trapeang Phlong – Xa Mat crossing

Well, the Trapeang Phlong – Xa Mat is an immensely inaccessible border crossing. It has been considered as one of remotest border crossings ever. Trapeang Phlong-Xa Mat Little-used (and tricky to reach) crossing around 70km east of Kompong Cham. Catch any bus travelling east from Kompong Cham towards Sen Monorom and alight at the town of Kraek (60km from Kompong Cham). From there you’ll need to pick up a moto for the 14km trip to the border itself. From here you’ll need another moto or taxi 45km journey to Tay Ninh, the first significant settlement on the Vietnamese side of the border.


If you have decided to visit Vietnam, you would need to acquire a visa to make your visit completely legal. There are various ways through which you can acquire a Vietnam visa. If you are a Cambodian citizen, then you can probably get a Vietnam eVisa from Cambodia and make a land entry as well.

Vietnam eVisa is a single-entry visa valid for 30 days. You can fill in a quick form to get an email confirmation for the eVisa. You need to take a print out of the eVisa and bring it along with your while crossing the border.

Vietnam eVisa is essential to enter the country, and with Vietnam eVisa from Cambodia you can enter the country without any hassle. One important benefit of Vietnam eVisa is that you can enter the country even via land borders. Visa on arrival is only valid if you enter the country through any of the six selected airports.

The above mentioned were some of the Vietnam- Cambodia borders from where you can enter the country. Hence, choose the suitable border from where you can possibly enter without any hassle. Get your Vietnam eVisa from Cambodia now and enter the country in a legal way.

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