Vietnam Visa For Children: Does My Child Need a Vietnam Visa?

Vietnam is transforming into a popular tourist destination. This is because of its friendly locals, mouthwatering food, vibrant culture, natural scenic beauty, and modern elements. It is a perfect blend of various diversity, such as beautiful natural caves, white-sand beaches, and majestic mountainous areas. This is why people love visiting Vietnam with their children. Additionally acquiring a Vietnam visa for children is an easy process. Unlike the popular belief, to enter Vietnam, Vietnam visa for children is necessary.

Vietnam eVisa is available for 81 eligible nationals. Hence, it is important to ascertain your eligibility before applying for the eVisa. If you do not belong to these 81 countries, you will have to head to a consulate or embassy. Moreover, is you hold citizenship for 24 countries like Indonesia, Chile, Sweden, and the U.K., you do not even need a Vietnam visa.

List Of Countries That Allow For Vietnam E-Visa.

Acquiring a Vietnam eVisa has been simpler by the Vietnamese government. All you need to do is fill up a quick online form that hardly consumes your time. As applicant you need to fill the form with your necessary personal details and purpose of visit. Make sure all the details are true to your extent. In case, of children, the parent can fill in these details, on behalf of their children.

Vietnam visa for Children: When to Apply?

Children under the age of 14 who are included in the passport of their guardian or parent do not require to submit an individual application. But they should be included in the eVisa application form of their guardian or parent. Every foreign visitor and Vietnam visa applicant should keep in mind that their passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months. This 6 months count from the anticipated date of arrival in the country.

When filling in the application form, the parent needs to mention that they will be arriving at the country with a child who is integrated on their passport. Parents who have a minor included on their passport as well as who are applying online for a Vietnam visa will require to provide a photograph of the minor and their name, date of birth.

All minors under the age of 14 having their own passport will be required to submit a distinct application form from their parents, although, the parent can fill in the application form on their child’s behalf. For those children who are above 14 years, you have tp submit a separate eVisa application for them.

The requirements for online Vietnam visa for children demand that the minor needs to have their own valid passport if they are not traveling on the passport of their parents. A part of the application procedure involves the applicant to have their own email address as well as a credit or debit card. You need to provide them with the email id to receive notification regarding the status of application. And you need the credit or debit card pay cover the Vietnam visa fee. Since the child does not have either of them, the parent can include their email address and pay on behalf of the minor.

Entry Requirements for Children Visiting Vietnam

The entry requirements for children visiting Vietnam with their parents are similar to those for any foreign national. In case the children are not traveling under the passport of their parents. Then, they need to have a valid passport for minimum of 6 months from the arrival date in the country.

The Vietnam eVisa was first implemented on 1st February 2017 and allows the travelers to arrive in the country for investment, tourism purposes, journalism, visiting family, studying, etc. If the visitor comes with a single entry visa, they can stay for 30 days in Vietnam from their arrival date in the country.
Due to the facility of the electronic Vietnam visa, the process of acquiring the essential authorization to visit the country is easy. Before arriving in the country, we advise the travelers to fulfill all the entry requirements. You can acquire the eVisa in a short span of time and it does not include visiting the consulate or embassy.

All foreign nationals need to have a valid passport upon arrival in Vietnam. Once you arrive in the country, delicious food and warm locals will welcome you. Not only this but along with a lot of scenic spots are also there to welcome you. Vietnam is a small Asian country, which can be explored even if your budget is low.

In a Nutshell

  • If the child age falls under 14 years on the passports of their legal guardian or parent, do not need a submit a separate eVisa application.
  • The parent must mention in their eVisa application if they have a minor child under the age of 14 years accompanying them.
  • If the child under the age of 14 years has their own passport, they will need to submit an individual application form.
  • Children over the age of 14 years need to submit an individual eVisa application.

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