Incredible islands in Vietnam

You can always count on Vietnam for a tropical, offshore and off-grid trip inland. The Vietnamese Islands, spread across the Eastern Sea, offer pristine sandy beaches, fresh seafood and thrilling adventures. Even taking your toes on Ly Son Island in turquoise waters or visiting a colorful fish school in Phu Quoc’s lively coral reefs will give you such amazing experiences in this country. We’ll cover several incredible islands that are most famous to Taiwanese people in details. If you have already booked your flight ticket and find that you have not applied for a Vietnam visa then we can provide you with an application for a visa on arrival in Vietnam to make your trip more enjoyable.

Ly Son Island

Lý Son was the only island in Quang Ngai province recognized as the “Kingdom of Garlic” before it became part of Vietnam’s list of best destinations. The island with fertile soil left with volcanic eruptions ideal for the development of high-quality ail. Nowadays, many tourists to this remote island are attracted to breathtaking cliffs, sparkling turquoise waters and unspool natural beauty. Rent a bike to see the volcanic cliffs in the breathtaking panoramic and sparkling sea below, or set up a camp right on the beach and let the waves of the sea sleep you. If you can have the whole world on the roof, who needs a 5-star hotel?

Hon Tre Island 

You want beautiful beaches? You want a full of fun water park? You want luxurious hotels and resorts? You will find all of them on the one and only Hon Tre island in Nha Trang – Vietnam’s most popular destination for beach lovers. The luxurious island of Hòn Tre in Nha Trang is distinct from any other in the world. Hòn Tre is a great holiday center with a fun park, golf courses and exclusive spas. The picturesque beauty of Vietnam puts together world-class tourism and entertainment.

From Nha Trang Coastal Town, a 15-minute cable car ride with breathtaking panoramic views will take you to the island. You can enjoy everything here like taking a trip, riding the roller coasters or unplugging with the spa treatment on the beaches. The Park is also home to the largest floating bay in Asia, filled with tropical plants and flowers from all over the world.

Con Dao Island

Con Dao-a remote island heavily forested off the coast of Vung Tau. Con Dao has beautiful sandy and reclaimed beaches, a lovely little village and a vast national park. This island is all the more tempting to be out of the way. The faultless white sand of Con Dao hardly saw any footprint from the fishermen other than the local ones. If you’re searching for an escape from the city, you can find it here.

In Vietnam, Con Dao is known as a former colonial jail for its tragic history. The French and later American occupiers used the island to hold political prisoners from all over the world. The Con Dao Museum and Prison commemorating the Dark Age. Outside the windy area, the coastal roads around the island lead to green hills and sapphire seas. Underwater there are some of the best snowboarding areas in Vietnam, and its national parks are filled with hiking trails.

Cat Ba Island

There are long stretches of white sandy beaches and spectacular calcareous karsts on the largest island of Lan H in Bavaria. Cat Bà is a great escape for travelers, only a few hours away from Hanoi. This is a lovely place for kayaking enthusiasts, with warm water, beautiful views, plenty of Islets and caves for a day trip. From there, take a boat trip through the emerald waters to the Vi Football Village to spend a festive night’s sleep. At the viewing point, there are sunrise chasers for treatment. The steep ride may be difficult, but the beautiful view is worth a drop of sweat.

Nam Du and Phu Quoc

Nam Du is a secret archipelago in the south of Vietnam, reached by private ferry or by ships only. You might never learn about this little island. There are no high-end hotels and resorts, constant electricity or Wi-Fi links, but only the pure beauty of nature.

While many of Vietnam’s islands are best visited in summer, Phu Quoc is the largest of them with its powdery white sand and aqua-blue waters. Between November and March, the skies of Phu Quoc are clear and sunny, making these the perfect months to spend on the beautiful beaches of the island.

Phu Quoc is not short of interesting things to do: dive and snorkel on smaller islands and coral reefs, take a spectacular cable car to Vinpearl Park, or check out the 5-star stunner for some relaxation. Phu Quoc offers some of the freshest and most delicious fish in the region, including local specialties such as raw herring salad and flower crab.

*When you fly to Phu Quoc Island and stay for 15 days, a Vietnam Visa may be avoided for some visitors. You may need to register the visa for visitors in Phu Quoc Island if the you want to visit other places or remain in this island for more than 15 days.

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