First time to Vietnam? You should read it

Vietnam is a small country in South East Asia that has been very mysterious until the last few years and is surrounded by mountains in the West and sparkling oceans in the North. Today, the country is more popular because of its beaches, rice paddies and historical towns.

Even though the country is small, it is long and thin, at least according to Asian standards, it is a wide variety in Vietnam. The mountainous north is made up of ancient ethnic groups, rice terraces, towering calcareous karsts, while the middle of Vietnam is known for its sandy beaches, historic UNESCO towns and the finest, if not most delicious, Vietnamese cuisine. South Vietnam, on the other hand, has humid deltas, fairy islands and towns competing with one of the largest in the world.

Whether you are a first-time traveler or a frequent visitor Vietnam, the first thing you want to worry about is getting your visa. Fortunately, there are now an easy way for you to get your Vietnam trip ready! The easiest method of processing your visa is to do so upon your arrival in Vietnam – as known as visa on arrival. Although this may initially sound like the logical choice for last-minute trip planners, you still have to complete some preparations before. To successfully use this method, you will have to get a visa approval letter from the Immigration Department of Vietnam; however, if you are willing to do this, you will be spared the necessity of applying online and waiting on processing by the Embassy. The “Visa On Arrival” method also offers the greatest flexibility for your length of visit and number of entries, which are features you may need. With excellent experience and high-quality reputation, makes the visa application for you and also provide foreign affairs consultation, which is economical, convenient, and quicker than an ordinary visa.

Why should you choose Vietnam?

Vietnam is an old country that only crossed its borders in the 1980s, but was one of the bravest nations. Today, the nation enjoys its time in the sun, with 12 million visitors in 2017, up 30% from the previous year. And then the numbers won’t go down. Simply put, Vietnam is one of the easiest places in Asia to travel with a safe, cheap and comprehensive network of trains, buses, flights and local transport, so you can find out why Vietnam needs to be on your travel bucket list. Public transport from any corner of the country is easy, and no part of the country is cut off by foreigners.

  • Accessible: Vietnam is one, if not the cheapest country in Asia, as well as cheap travel in the whole world. Hotels, travel, souvenirs, food, drinks and so on are extremely cheap, as well as cheap countries like Thailand relative to other Asian destinations. It means that a larger number of people can make it possible for a bit of cash to go to Vietnam.
  • Scenery: Beautiful landscape is everywhere in Vietnam. Mountains, trees, jungles, beaches, islands, and national parks, but the city itself is breathtaking.
  • Friendly: the Vietnamese are friendly, kind and good-natured. Vietnamese culture has a feeling for the visitors of the country, looking to chew young and old on tiny stools out in the open air, to see the elderly looked after by their relatives, and to have a hot smile on their faces.
  • Foody paradise: Vietnamese food continues to spread throughout the rest of the world, shaded by Thailand, the culinary monolith. You can understand if you try it once. Beauty in every sauce, sweet, salty, sour and savory flavors, and a multitude of appetizers bring freshness and personalization to every meal you’ll find anywhere else in the world.
  • Note the weather: The high season is around July and August. During this time, you will find that the hotel and flight prices are rising by as much as 50% in and around the coastal regions, so you need to book in advance. Weather-wise, plan to be rainy and very hot everywhere except in the far north, with temperatures between 30s and 40s a day. The rainy summer season, usually around August, is full of regular and heavy rains. The rainy season is between December and March. It is around this time that the largest holiday in the world, the Tet Festival (or Lunar New Year) will be in progress, as well as closed monuments and attractions, transport anomalies and other closures. The weather in the south is sunny and warm, but it can be quite cold in the north, and there is no central heating available. The low season will last until November around April and June and September. In our view, these are the best times for Vietnam. The weather is generally warm and friendly, the prices are reasonable and public holidays are meaningless. Nonetheless, typhoons can be pressed on the central and northern shores before November.

Should I get Vietnam travel insurance?

In short, there is no need for Vietnam travel insurance, so no. Nonetheless, if the worst happens, it should be a basic policy for any overseas traveler. Vietnam is a relatively safe country with the lowest rates of violent crime worldwide. You’ll probably need an international driver’s license, good medical and travel insurance if you’re going to rent a motorcycle.

Visa entry:

Not every country must have a short-stay visa to enter Vietnam, but most must do so. Visa exemptions typically last for 15 days, with a standard tourist visa period of 30 days. If you are interested in obtaining your entry visa, please ensure that you have a letter of approval for the visa. If you have not received a visa approval letter in Vietnam, you may not be allowed to obtain an entry visa in Vietnam. Therefore, do not forget to apply for a visa approval letter for the first time. You should apply through an online application before you arrive in Vietnam. Normally, you can complete an online visa application form and pay the online service charge to get a “Visa on Arrival” from Vietnam. On receipt of the application, two to three days after the date of acceptance, you will receive a letter of visa authorisation sent to your e-mail address. On arrival at the destination airport, you must send this letter of permission to immigration officials.

Recommendation: We can arrange a visa approval letter for travelers to obtain a visitor or business visa upon arrival at Vietnam airport. Normally, we immediately arrange for a one-month visa and business use for a three-month visa. Please send an e-mail to to apply for a visa approval letter in order to obtain an entry visa.

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