What Are The Best Vaccines to Travel to Vietnam With?

Vietnam is one of the most popular vacationing spots around the world with exotic landscape, rich biodiversity and a fascinating local culture and heritage. The country is a mixture of different traditions, colors, flavors and experiences. It is the ideal destination for honeymooners, solo travelers, and families alike. There is something for everyone here regardless of their preferences. Plus the fact that Vietnam is extremely accommodating and flexible to foreign travelers only makes matter easier for us. However, there are some precautions that you must take if you want to avoid any trouble during your stay here. Here are some of the vaccines to travel Vietnam that you should be aware of.

Need for vaccination in Vietnam

Planning a vacation is not all dreams and rainbows. You need to think very practically and ensure that you carry everything you would possibly need for your trip. Even the simplest, smallest most insignificant detail has to be covered and perfected.

Yes, planning and packing for a trip is no child’s play, especially when you are travelling to a country that is drastically different from yours. Vietnam though a mix of cultures has the oriental Asian influence that is to be found in its cuisines and local sights alike. And oftentimes, your body might not take well to the different changes in the atmosphere. Also, Vietnam has a different climate, biodiversity and range of other factors that might make your sick or worse. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Vaccination is the way to go if you want a safe, healthy and happy vacationing experience. Ensure that you carry ample vaccines to travel Vietnam with to avoid any risks there

Is Vaccination compulsory?

No one wants to spend their day sick in bed when they are on a vacation. Holidays are times when you finally let go of your inhibitions and want to get the best of experiences. With a few simple and effective vaccines you can do just that. Now, vaccination is not mandatory for all travelers who are planning a trip here. But it is always recommended by the authorities that you get a medical examination done and at least get the basic standard shots before you enter the country.

The kind of vaccines you’re prescribed depends both on your personal constitution and the country you’re coming from. The weather changes, topographical differences, change in the resources and lifestyle changes can contribute to the feeling of uneasiness and sickness in the body. The duration of your stay also matters when it comes to vaccination. Travelers with an eVisa which is valid only for 30-days might not need as many vaccines.

What are the top vaccines you should get?

Although, everyone has a different reaction to the weather, food and general climate of the country, there are a few common vaccines that are recommended to everyone. These vaccines can be injected into the body or consumed in the form of pills as well. Consult your doctor for more details as to which options would be best suited for your anatomy. Here are some of the vaccines to travel Vietnam that you should seriously consider:

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a highly communicable and common disease that spreads through the contamination of water and food. Ensure that you don’t eat from unhygienic places. Also, always keep a sanitizer, clean water bottles and other precautions at hand when you’re travelling the local and rural areas of the country. It is one of the first and most important vaccines to travel Vietnam with

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a disease that spreads via blood or exchange of bodily fluids. This is not a very common disease if you are careful. Also, it is not a mandatory vaccine but we recommend that you get a shot.


Typhoid spreads through contaminated food and water and can cause nausea, fever, stomach cramps and other problems. You need to be extra careful when you’re visiting the rural areas as they don’t have sanitation facilities

Japanese Encephalitis

Japanese Encephalitis spreads through mosquitoes so ensure that you have bug sprays, repellents, ointments and sunscreen with you at all times. Certain areas of Vietnam are more prone to this disease because of lack of hygiene and proper waste management. Ensure that this is in your vaccines to travel Vietnam list.


Vietnam also has a problem of rabid street dogs that can be very dangerous if provoked. Dog bite is said to be almost fatal for humans and can lead to ailments like rabies.

Other than that there are other diseases and infections that vaccines to travel Vietnam protect you from. Common cold, viral infections, stomach problems etc are all covered effectively here.

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