What are the basic Vietnam eVisa Photo Requirements?

Vietnam is a great destination for tourists who want to have a good time. The country has some of the best spots and activities that you can enjoy in your leisure. Plus, the local culture and food is to die for. The country welcomes tourists from everywhere across the world. There are also people who enter the country’s borders for business trips, personal trips and academic reasons. The immigration laws allow passengers to enter the borders only when they have a valid passport and visa. Read on to know all about the Vietnam e-Visa photo requirements and how to complete them

What is an e-Visa?

e-Visa or electronic visa is a provision started by the Vietnamese government. This allows passengers to apply for their visa online and get it delivered to their email address in 2-3 business days. e-Visas are convenient, easy and save a lot of time, both for the traveler and the authorities.

However, note that e-Visas are available to only 80 countries around the world and involve a meticulous procedure that you must follow to the T. Here are some details about how to format your Vietnam e-Visa photo.

List Of Countries That Allowed For Vietnam E-Visa

Need for e-Visa? 

e-Visa is usually applied for short term visits. It is valid only for 30-days and can be used as a single-entry visa only. You can extend the visa after 30-days if any local organisation or individual invites you to stay legally.

Applying for an e-Visa?

To apply for an e-Visa, the travelers have to first register in the official immigration page and submit an application regarding their visa application. The application form requires you to enter some personal details like your name, nationality, duration of visit, purpose of stay and other information. If you are travelling with a minor then their details are also to be attached here along with your application. Other than that you would need to submit a valid ID proof, your passport details and a special Vietnam e-visa Photo for approval and identification. The picture specifications are very precise and must be religiously followed. Here are some of the things that you should be looking into when submitting a picture;

The Format and Size of the Photo

First and foremost, you have to be aware of the exact format and size of the Vietnam e-visa Photo that is allowed by the authorities. Passport-size is not a standard unit of measure as it varies from country to country. In Vietnam, 2×2 inches photos in either JPG or GIF formats are accepted. The size of the photo should not be more than 2MB. Note that even the minor applicant must submit their picture accordingly along with the application.

The Quality and Clarity of Image

The next prerequisite of the Vietnam evisa Photo is its quality and clarity. The face of the applicant must be clearly visible. Ensure that you get the picture clicked in a well-lit room and at an angle that is clear and visible. No filters are allowed on the picture, although a black and white picture is accepted. The background should be plain and bright enough for a clear image that is not marred by shadows.

The Applicant’s Facial Expression

Another thing that you must take care of when clicking a Vietnam e-visa Photo is the facial expression, angle and overall look of the picture. Your posture should not be casual, sit straight, don’t slouch your shoulders and refrain from using a lot of makeup. Also, don’t smile widely at the camera, instead keep your expression neutral and professional and keep your mouth closed. Note that you have to be looking directly at the camera with your eyes wide open. If you are wearing glasses, then ensure that they are not tinted. Also, don’t wear colored lenses or any other form of accessory that might change your natural features.

The Attire, and Accessories Allowed

The attire should be simple and distinguishable from the background. It is advisable that you don’t wear white because it blends with the background easily. Don’t wear sunglasses or tinted glasses for the picture. Headgear and scarves are only allowed if they are for either medical purposes or for a religious belief. Applicants with long hair should wear it in a way that doesn’t cover their face in the Vietnam e-visa Photo. Men with beards and mustache should keep their natural look for the photo as well.

The Bottom Line

The Vietnam e-visa Photo should be a recent one that is taken about 6 months before applying for the e-Visa. The applicants have to submit 2 copies of these photos. For minors, the rules are the same. You cannot have toys, pacifiers, or other objects in the picture. If you are travelling with an infant then lay them on a white sheet and ensure that their eyes are wide open for the picture.

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