All You Need to Know About Vietnam Visa on Arrival 2020

Planning a trip to any foreign country takes a lot of planning depending on why and where you are going. However, the one thing that you should sort out on priority is get clearance on your visa at the embassy office.

You could be going for a short vacation, a business trip or relocate to a new country in search of employment – a visa is mandatory in all these cases. Vietnam has some flexible policies for international tourists. This helps them retrieve their visas in a simple and hassle-free procedure.

With the introduction of some interesting policies, the process of visa application is simplifying day by day. Here are all the details about the Vietnam visa on arrival 2020 policy that you should know about;

Why Get a Visa for Vietnam?

Vietnam is a land known for its rich cultural heritage and scenic topography. Everything from the natural landscape to the cuisine and the local population is a delight to the senses. Every year, the country welcomes thousands of visitors from all parts of the world. It also has a lot of employment and academic opportunities for people who want to settle in the country.

Now, getting to Vietnam is a meticulous process. To enter the borders of any foreign country, you need a visa. It is an official document that authorizes the credibility of the visitor. The visa needs approval from your native country and the country you’re visiting as well.

To get a visa for Vietnam, you will have to apply at the Vietnamese embassy. It is a long process that requires a lot of waiting and paperwork. Fortunately, times are changing, and the system has become a lot more user-friendly. Vietnam visa on arrival 2020 is a simpler alternative that saves you a lot of time and trouble.

What is Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA)?

There was a time when people had to stand in lengthy queues and wait for days before getting the stamp of approval from the visa authorities. Today, you can complete the entire process online in a few minutes. On the other hand, technological advancements is making it a cost effective and quick measure for most people. As a result, Vietnam visa on arrival 2020 is one of the many ways in which one can kickstart the process. For e-visas, you can stay as long as for 30 days, and for VOA, the stay extends from 30-90 days.

Vietnam visa on arrival 2020 is accessible to citizens worldwide. However, the eVisa is available in only 80 nations. Also, with visa on arrival, one can stay for longer durations ranging from a month to even a year. The visa is valid for vacation goers, business trips and students as well

Perks of Visa on Arrival Feature

Vietnam visa on arrival 2020 is a process in which the candidate can fill in the application form online and then collect the visa directly from the Vietnamese airport. Vietnamese Immigration Department grants the visa to travelers who can show the visa approval letter.

Also, note that you are to show the Vietnam visa on arrival 2020 approval letter at the check-in counter as well when you’re taking the flight. Failure to produce the approval letter would make your ticket invalid as well. Upon arrival, the passenger has to again show the approval letter to the visa officers to get the stamp at the border gate security

Procuring Vietnam Visa on Arrival 2020- The Procedure

To get the Vietnam visa on arrival 2020, you first need to send in an application at the visa office in your country. Here you have to fill out all the details like your name, nationality, purpose of visit, duration of stay etc. If you are travelling with a minor, i.e. anyone who is under 14 year, then you need to add their details in the form as well.

The letter gets the signature of approval from the immigration department in Vietnam and sent to your email ID. As per the Vietnam visa on arrival 2020 regulations, this letter allows the person to board the plane and get your visa from the 6 Vietnamese airports.

The Bottom Line

Vietnam visa on arrival 2020 is a good provision for people who want an extended stay in the country. Further, it saves you from the hassles of having to queue up in front of the embassy and get your visa application moved around from office to office. The new online system enables travellers to send out the application from the comfort of their homes. Upon reaching you will have to show the approval letter and wait a while to get the stamp from the immigration authorities though. It is a quick and convenient alternative for tourists who want to apply for visas with a longer validity.