All you need to know about Vietnam transit visa

If you are about to visit some other nation through Vietnam, then buck up! Because through the means of the Vietnam transit visa, you can certainly bring that plan into effect. And if the traveler wants to indulge in this type of sojourn, then he/she might need the e-visa accordingly. So, if you are also flying to another nation and here in Vietnam for a short stay, then there you are. Right from filling up the application form to that of the submission of the right documents, the application process is indeed cushy. Besides, you also need to garner a thorough understanding about how to apply for the same in the right fashion.

Travelers staying less than 24 hours

Travelers staying in Vietnam for less than 24 hours cannot apply for the Vietnam transit visa at all. This happens because the traveler needs to stay at the airport or seaport terminal for the entire transition period. And when such is the case, the time frame becomes less than 1 one day.

And the applicant won’t be able to apply for the Vietnamese transit e-visa. The applicants who are arriving at the airport for an onward flight needs to follow the transfer signs only. And these transfer signs need to be followed accordingly to the international transfer area. However, if the applicant wants to make a hassle free entry to Vietnam, then he/she needs to submit the following:

  • A substantial passport having a validity of 6 months
  • A substantial proof of an onward travel
  • Submission of substantial authorization documents to reach Vietnam safely

Also, tourists who are staying at the airport transfer area through the means of the Vietnam transit visa, cannot stay. This implies that applicant staying at a point like this will permission to cross the Vietnamese border. Instead, they will need to stay either in seaport or transport area or may be the departure point.

This stay time-frame will be elongated until his/her boat or flight trip is completely ready for departure to the destination. And in case, the applicant wishes to leave the airport amidst, a Vietnam transit visa will be a must.

How to apply Vietnam transit visa?

Well, when it comes to the application procedure of the Vietnam transit visa, it’s an immensely easy process. Applicants can effortlessly transit through Vietnam to their concerned destination through this particular visa. And the applicant has to submit the application form at least 72 hours before their outward flight to Vietnam starts. After the visa will be approved duly, it will be sent to the applicant’s registered email address. And for the sake of applying for this particular visa, the applicant needs to submit the following documents accordingly:

  • His/her complete personal information(date of birth, passport details and full name)
  • His/her digitally scanned version of the photograph which complies with the Vietnam transit visa photograph requirements
  • He/she needs to answer a few basic questions like his/her reason for visiting
  • A digitally scanned version of his/her passport having a validity of 6 months
  • Paying the concerned application fees for the concerned e-visa through his /her debit/credit card.

After the entire of this process is over, the applicant will get the visa within 3 working days. This will be sent in a Pdf format to his/her email address. To the best suggestion, after getting the e-visa duly, the candidate must get a hard copy of it accordingly. The traveler needs to present it while undergoing the visa immigration control department process.

And remember, while you are leaving Vietnam with the Vietnam transit visa, you need to tread fine line. This implies that you have to keep adequate time in your hands as well prior to boarding on your onward flight. It means that you need to get back to Vietnam at least 3 hours before the transition stay validity expires.

A few essential facts about the Vietnam transit visa

Just the way, some travelers stay less than 24 hours in Vietnam, there are some who stay more. And visitors staying more than 24 hours in Vietnam need to be the valid passport holder of the said e-visa. And this visa will also be applicable for those tourists who want to leave Vietnam amidst their transition stay period.

The Vietnam transit visa is also a necessity for those, wherein Vietnam comes amidst their point of departure and arrival. This onward travel can be implemented either through a flight or boat. For instance, if the applicant arrives at Hanoi and wishes to leave the country in the middle, this visa is necessary. And they require this visa unless and until their transition time period is over. Apply for the said visa today if Vietnam is also your connecting destination between the points of your arrival and departure.

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