Vietnam’s 21st Century Expat invasion

During the 21st century Vietnam’s expat population has experienced the largest and most explosive growth of any expat population in Southeast Asia. There are a number of primary factors causing this phenomena. They include:

An excellent job market

Vietnam has been a major participant in the World’s growing economy. Vietnam’s continuous economic expansion has resulted in many new jobs being created at all levels. The job opportunities are abundant, especially for foreigners. Jobs in education, finance, banking and Information Technology have experienced particularly impressive growth. Language barriers do not seem to matter as long as you know English.

Comparatively higher incomes

According to the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, there is an an abundance of six figure jobs in Vietnam. More than 15% of the expats in Vietnam earn over $250,000 while the global average is only about 7%. Not surprisingly we find that over 75% of the expats in Vietnam claim to be satisfied with their relatively high level of disposable income. Big pay checks are an attractive enticement for these expats coming to Vietnam.

Affordable Living

Nearly all aspects of living are more affordable in Vietnam. More affordable than almost anywhere else in the world. Here expats can find a wide variety of housing choices. Both luxurious and modest apartments and condominiums can be found in the city. In the suburbs you can find single family homes of all descriptions.

According to The HSBC Explorer Survey nearly half of the expats spend less money on going out to restaurants, theaters and bars compared with the global average of around 25%.
These things all contribute to Vietnam being one of the most cost effective countries in the world.

Vietnam is a culturally interesting place to live

Approximately 65% of the expats living in Vietnam describe it as a culturally fascinating place to live. It offers plenty to do for almost every budget. Vietnam offers an impressive and distinctive culture. It attracts expats from all over the world. The cuisine is diversified. You can easily find a wide variety of delicious food appealing to every taste. It enjoys a distinctive street culture providing unique choices with affordable prices wherever you go on the cities streets.

Vietnam has a wide selection of festivals around the country during the year. The Vietnamese love to celebrate these many holidays throughout the year. A variety of different cultures, that love celebrating, are found in different regions around the country.

The Vietnamese personality

Despite their intense history the country is changing fast. Despite this change the Vietnamese people still maintain their generosity and hospitality. They particularly practice this attitude toward the expat foreigners. In addition they still maintain their cleverness and diligence while enduring their difficult circumstances. They are ingenious while maintaining their adaptability. As well as being enthusiastic, forward thinking and optimistic.

A very safe country

Compared to other neighboring countries Vietnam is a much safer country place to live and work. The Vietnamese face no natural disasters such as major earthquakes, volcanoes or tsunamis. They also enjoy a stable political environment. And most important of all the crime rate across the country is extremely low compared to their surrounding neighbors.

Nice Weather

If you like warm weather you will love Vietnam. The South, the Central and the North all enjoy different climates. This means that somewhere in the country there will always be a climate right for you. The North is the one region that experiences all four seasons. The expats can usually figure out a climate that they enjoy.

Awesome Landscapes

Vietnam is famous as a country for having a wide cross section of incredible naturally beautiful scenery and landscapes.

Ranging from the beautiful sandy beaches lining their 1000 miles of coastline to the pure cool highlands with their cool air, streams and lakes expats will always have a large choice of excellent spots in which to vacation.

A few key facts every expat should know about while living in Vietnam.

Vietnam currently uses three separate currencies. Gold is used to purchase land and housing. U.S. dollars are used to purchase luxury items and the dong is used to buy the day-to-day common items.
Actual landownership is not possible for non Vietnamese but an expat living in Vietnam can acquire a 50 year lease for land on which to build a house.

Foreigners are not allowed to rent or drive a car in Vietnam without possessing a Vietnamese drivers license. However foreigners can drive motorbikes.

Citizens from some foreign countries are not permitted Vietnam visas to enter the country.
The official language is Vietnamese and English is widely used as the second language. Other widely used languages include French, Chinese and Khmer.

Living in Vietnam can offer a true taste of living life in the east and is considered a valuable experience by those having had this opportunity.

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