Where to travel in 2020

The year has soon come to an end and it’s time time to start planning vacations for next year. It’s never too early to think about where to go so take a look at this list and prepare to get serious wanderlust!


What better way to start off the year than by going to Southeast Asia, and in particular Vietnam? This country has become one of the most popular tourist destinations, but it’s still kept its authenticity, charm and culture. There’s a good reason why so many people love Vietnam and now’s a great time to visit it. You have spectacular natural sceneries, endless amounts of beaches, a vibrant culture, amazing food(!), cheap beer, bustling big cities, a fantastic nightlife, and so much more. Even though Vietnam has experienced a boom in tourism, the prices are still kept low so if you’re on a lower budget, this is a great alternative for you. It also means more money to spend on ‘banh mi’s’.

Costa Rica

Sustainable tourism has become one of the most popular terms and more people are seeking out ways to travel in a ‘greener’ way. If you want to learn about sustainability, there’s no better country to do so than in Costa Rica. It’s often been dubbed as the ‘environmentalist’s paradise’ because of the conservation programmes that the country is investing in. Not only that, but it’s also a ‘surfers paradise’ and offers stunning beaches along the coast that you can enjoy. The wildlife here is incredible too and so are the people. Just remember to come with the same mindset as the locals and help keep Costa Rica sustainable.


There’s never a bad time to visit India. Even though it’s not a “new” destination, it’s always worth mentioning India. The country is huge so exploring it will take you years. But that’s part of the charm with India, you can always find new things to love. If you only have a few weeks to spare, try to stay in just one region instead of hopping from north to south. There’s so much to see in each region that it would be a shame to “rush” your vacation instead of just enjoying it.


Montenegro has been quite under the radar. Its neighbor Croatia has received much more attention, perhaps thanks to the famous hit show “Game of Thrones”. But this is all about to change. Because Montenegro has so much to offer and people are just starting to discover it. You have national parks, beaches, pulsating nightlife, cobblestoned streets, medieval villages and a fantastic coastline. What’s there not to love?


Central Asia is finally starting to get the recognition it deserves and if I could choose one of the countries to return to, I’d go back to Kyrgyzstan. First of all, it’s completely safe. The locals there are some of the friendliest you’ll ever encounter and the nature is out of this world. Central Asia has mostly attracted avid hikers, but it truly is a destination for all. With that said, you shouldn’t go to Kyrgyzstan without at least doing one hike, because you’ll be blown away by the natural scenery here. Mountains as far as the eye can see, frozen lakes, hot springs, glaciers, you name it! This country has it all! When you’re there, try to attend one nomadic festival. It sure is something extra.


Did you know that you can surf in Dakar? That there’s tons of beautiful beaches in Senegal? That there’s a pink lake here? There’s all this and much more here. Tourism is finally starting to pick up and traveling here as become much easier. Senegal is known for their music scene and tasty cuisine, so why not combine those two and head to the beachfront where you can dine and listen to some live reggae jams. Sounds quite good to me.


For too long has the Scandinavian countries been out of the spotlight. But not for long! As more and more people are seeking the “off-the-beaten-track” spots, they might end up in Sweden. One of the reasons why few tourists go here usually is because of how pricey it can be. But it doesn’t have to be. In fact, you can always try couchsurfing, share riding, or sleeping in a tent when you travel here. Because in Sweden they have a thing called “Allemansrätten”, or the Right of Public Access, which means that you’re free to roam wherever, as long as you don’t camp on land under cultivation, near a dwelling house or in private gardens for example. This means that if you’re going hiking in Sweden, you can camp almost anywhere you want to – completely for free! Just don’t miss out on exploring Stockholm, the country’s capital, that is especially beautiful during summer.

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