How To Apply For Vietnam E-Visa?

The Vietnam e-Visa helps visitors stay in the country for 30 days and this Visa can be availed by 81 eligible nations’ citizens. The applicant can simply apply for an e-Visa without having to go for a consulate or an embassy. The e-Visa is send via an email to the applicant. To get easier access to Vietnam, the applicant can easily show the print of the email at the 33 ports of entry in the airport terminal.

What is the Vietnam e-Visa?

An electronic travel authorization, the Vietnam e-Visa allows citizens from Australian, European, and American continents to enter Vietnam as tourists. The maximum stay for a single entry is 30 days. The application procedure is very easy and fast. The applicants have to only provide their personal information. The procedure duration for Vietnam e-Visa is 3 business days to maximum 7 days on special cases. It is recommended that tourists apply for the e-Visa at least 7 days before travelling.

Countries eligible for e-Visa:

Citizens of some countries do not need Visa to enter Vietnam. But which are the countries that are eligible for Vietnam e-Visa? Here it is : List Of Countries That Allowed For Vietnam E-Visa.

The Vietnam e-Visa Procedure:

Most of the Vietnam e-Visa are processed fast and completed within 3 days. But sometimes on for special cases where the applicant has not provided relevant or enough information, the visa procedure may take around 7 days for completion. The e-Visa are sent by email and it becomes easier for the traveler to show their visa on the ports of entry.

The e-Visa application procedure starts with proper screening using secured databases so that the system can easily detect any potential threat. All of this checking is done for the safety of the public in Vietnam as well as for other tourists. Personal details and passport details are thoroughly checked by the authorities to ensure safety that if the applicant is eligible for entering Vietnam. One only needs to fill the online form accurately so that their application is not rejected or delayed. One has to pay a fee for applying for an e-Visa which can be done using debit card as well as credit card.

What are the advantages of applying for Vietnam e-Visa?

There are some information that the applicants need to provide to the authorities. Like for example, the applicant needs to provide the authorities with the date of their arrival and the date of their departure. They also need to provide the address of the accommodation that they will avail in Vietnam. Applicants may also be asked about their medical history so that it helps the applicant, in case of any emergency in Vietnam.

Upon arrival, the applicant needs to show his or her passport and e-Visa print out at the exit terminal. The passport needs to be the same passport that was used to apply for the Vietnam e-Visa. The applicants who have double passports are recommended to carry proper documents for the passports.
There are some advantages of availing the Vietnam e-Visa:

  1. It is available online 24/7 all around the year.
  2. The applications are reviewed by officers from the Vietnamese Government.
  3. The information provided by the applicant is 100% security and privacy proof.
  4. No need to queue at the embassy or consulate of Vietnam.
  5. No need to queue to pick up visa at the airport like visa on arrival.

Plan a trip to Vietnam
With these information, you can easily plan a quick trip to Vietnam. Make sure all the information and correct data is properly furnished for the hassle-free and easy filing of e-visa. Also carry the most essential documents while traveling to avoid any critical issue. With these tips in mind, applying for e-visa and getting approved won’t be a hassle anymore. So, get your e-visa today and pack your bags for Vietnam.

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