Everything You Need to Know About Vietnam eVisa

Vietnam has been a popular destination for tourists, students and professionals from all across the world. And with the flexible immigration laws and the easy visa approval policies, visitors find the country very warm and welcoming. The application process for procuring a visa is pretty straightforward, provided you are aware of all the rules and regulations involved. Getting a Vietnam eVisa is a quick, hassle-free process, designed as per the convenience of the user. Read on to know more about the policies involved and how you can best benefit from it;

What is a Vietnam eVisa?

Vietnam eVisa or an electronic visa is or travel authorization that is accessible across 81 countries including Australia, UK and the US (List Of Countries That Allowed For Vietnam E-Visa). This visa is valid for a period of 30-days and can be applied for online. All you have to do is fill out an application form online, submit your personal details and contact information to get the approval letter sent to your email id within a few business days.

The Vietnam eVisa is an online document that visitors can avail from the official website provided by the state. You no longer have to wait in those endless queues at the embassy or wait forever to get an appointment with the consulate. The applicant will receive the visa via email, ensure that you carry a printed copy of the eVisa and show it at the one of the 33 ports of entry for a faster access through the borders. List of Ports that allowed foreigners enter and exit Vietnam by E-visa.

The eVisa Application Process – How It Works?

The online Evisa application process is very simple and straightforward. All you have to do is register at the Vietnam eVisa website and then fill out an application form where you have to submit details like your name, nationality, purpose of visit and duration of stay. If you are travelling with a minor, i.e. children below 14 years, then you need to attach their details as well. Ensure that you provide an email id that is accessible and valid for the visa will be sent on that address only.

How Much Time Does It Take To Get an eVisa?

The Vietnam eVisa is surprisingly quick, and would get processed within 3 business days after you submit the application online. You can review all the information provided in the application once it is processed. In then rare case of a delay, the processing might take about 7 days depending on the demand and traffic on the server. It is therefore always advised that visitors apply for the eVisa about 7 days before their travel date to avoid any hassles that might creep up.

Why Should Be Applying for Vietnam eVisa?

Most visitors who are planning a trip to Vietnam require a visa to get through the borders of the country (Please check Vietnam visa requirement). There are nations that don’t require any such authorization, it would be best if you check the updated list of countries that is put up on the website for more details about the process. Also, note that even minors need the Vietnam eVisa if they are to be allowed inside the country. They can either apply with their guardian or have a separate passport. As per the new list, there are 81 countries where the visitors have the provision of applying for the Vietnam eVisa online.

What Documents or Paperwork Would You Need for eVisa Application?

eVisa application form is to be filled and submitted online. Upon processing and verification, the authorities will send you the eVisa to your email address between 3-7 working days. Upon arrival at the -in point, you have to present a printout of the eVisa to the immigration authorities at the entry point gate to gain access to the country.

It is also advisable for visitors to carry their passport and other documents to verify the information submitted at the e-visa. Also, note that there are no extra charges that you are liable to pay at the immigration office later if you are getting a Vietnam eVisa. All your payments have to be completed online, via either debit/credit cards or PayPal

Perks of Vietnam eVisa

Now that you know all there is to know about the Vietnam eVisa and how to apply for it, here are some of the reasons why this provision is so popular among travelers.

The Bottom Line

Are you planning a trip to Vietnam? Better think about the practical aspects of the vacation beforehand to avoid any troubles later.

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