Vietnam Travel and Visa

Introduction –

Many of us like to travel to different cities and countries to explore and view their culture, places, living style. From childhood, one of my favorite hobbies is going to new and diverse destinations. I love it. I am a girl of 26 years residing in India. I have completed my studies, and before the beginning of my married life, I want to explore and enjoy the world as much as I can. I am an Indian by nationality. Mountains, beaches, sea, and rivers have always fascinated me. I get immense peace and satisfaction and feel close to God while exploring nature’s beauty. Therefore I decided to travel to Vietnam, which is one of the beautiful countries. The place is blessed with tremendous glory of the living world. It is one of the treasured countries which have everything I dream of and desire to visit and explore once in my lifetime. The beauty of beaches, mesmerizing view of mountains, and significant seashores were on my top priorities.

Whenever you want to visit other countries, you require special permission from the government officials because of security purposes and rules which you have to follow.

Therefore to fulfill my dream of visiting Vietnam, I will have to apply for Visa of that country so that I do not fall prey to any mishappening in the new country and get myself into any trouble. So I started finding out ways of getting Visa to visit Vietnam, which has now become very easy and convenient.

For visa approval, I needed an Indian passport having six months validity beyond the arrival date and passport, which has two blank pages for stamping of visa approval. I fulfilled the requirement needed to get the Visa for traveling to Vietnam. So my Visa was approved, and I was allowed for Visa on the arrival category. Soon I was going to Vietnam as a tourist for exploring the beauty and glory of the country.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival –

Now many options are available for getting Visa such as Visa at the embassy, E-visa, and Visa on arrival. One of my friends has told me that now it is possible to obtain Visa on entry to a particular country. This rule was framed keeping mind some unwanted circumstances such as health issues, or diversion of flights, or sometimes because of the urgency of work when you are on a business trip.

Therefore when I heard about Visa on the arrival category, I choose that instead of getting Visa issued from the embassy as Visa on arrival is the easiest and secure way. It has significant advantages such as –

  • You can be sure about your travel and return dates, and if circumstances change at the last moment, you have an option for the cancellation of your trip.
  • It also saves you from forgetting and losing your necessary documents while traveling abroad countries.
  • Dates on the Visa can be managed correctly without faults, which maximizes if you go for before issued Visa’s.

The Application Process of Visa on Arrival –

The application process is simple and convenient for getting Visa on arrival which has following steps-


First of all, you have to fill the secured online application form. Herein, you need to fill the personal details such as name, nationality, date of birth, passport number, type of Visa, and time of arrival.

Step 2.

Then ensure that all the information filled is correct and proceed to make payment through credit/debit card, one pay/pay pal, or pay through western union.

Step 3.

After making the complete payment, you will receive an approval letter for getting a visa stamped on arrival.

  • After getting a visa approval letter via email, which will have the entry-and-exit form.
  •  You will have to take the print out of both the approval letters and the entry-and-exit form.
  •  Now you have to fill the entry-and-exit form.
  • Take along with you two passport-sized photos of size 4x6cm and an amount of USD to be paid as stamping fee which is ($25 for single entry; $50 for multiple entry visa)

Step 4.

The entire above mentioned document will be needed by you at the Vietnam arrival airport to be presented in front of the Immigration officer, so carry it safely. For see more at “Where to pick up Vietnam visa on arrival
Showing all the documents mentioned above to the immigration officer makes you liable to receive a stamped Visa on arrival at Vietnam international airport.

For saving your time at the airport, you can use airport fast track service at the time of arrival.

E-visa for Vietnam

Now getting Visa approved for a country is not a tough task, and many options are available to get permits like E-visa, which is a visa passed through an electronic medium. It is effortless and convenient to get e-visa. Steps to be followed while applying for E-visa are-

Step 1:- Go to the website and fill the application form in which you have to provide details like the airport of arrival, arrival date, your full name, passport number, date of birth, and nationality. You should provide all the required personal information which should be the same as the information provided on the passport.

Step 2– After completing the form, submit the service and government fee online through PayPal or credit/debit cards whatever is comfortable to you. After receiving the payment, you will be informed through email, and the process of E-visa will be initiated and sent to you on email within 3-5 working days.

Step 3 – After receiving your E-visa, download it and take out its print out which you have to show on arrival at Vietnam.

Conclusion –

Visa on arrival option has increased my chances of getting Visa quickly and in a hassle-free way. It will help fulfill my dream of visiting Vietnam, one of Southeast Asia’s beautiful countries with lush mountains and golden sand beaches, which is culturally very rich.

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