Nine Safety Tips You Should Follow While Going on a Trip to Vietnam

You may live once, and you should enjoy it and have a thrill-seeking experience. This motto is very tempting but not to mention when you travel somewhere, you and your family must stay active and safe all the time. Likewise, knowing the handy tips to keep you safe is essential if you think of traveling to Vietnam. Before arriving in this beautiful country, you must double-check for having a safe and sound trip.

Though Vietnam is a safe and welcoming country, being cautious is not bad too. Many tourists have visited the country and were unexpectedly welcomed warmly by the locals. That said, peanut crimes are on the rise, and one should take good care of everything from themselves to their belongings when they reach here. Handing pouty beggars and vendors is easy, but here is a guide to have a safe and sound trip to Vietnam for all our Indian nationals.

1: Know about the process of visa

If you are Indian, you must have applied for a visa approval letter already. Make sure you have everything with you so that you don’t face the eleventh-hour surprises when you land at the Vietnam International Airport. You should double-check your passport and visa approval letter information and ensure they align well. As if they don’t, you may end up going back or paying extra money with hours of waiting for the process to be completed.

2: Book your hotel in advance

You can book the hotel before even arriving at the airport. This is something you should for sure. Added to this, make sure you book the hotel from reputable applications or agency. Not to mention, not just the agency should be legitimate, but the hotel you book should also be a high ranking hotel. You can read the reviews of the experiences others had when they booked the particular hotel. This will save you from any mishaps once you land at the hotel you booked.

3: Search for the basic rules and regulation of the country

It does not mean you have to memorize their law and order books. It is necessary to know the primary rules and regulations followed in the routine. For example, taking photos when the police are near is strictly prohibited. Make sure you are aware of law and order developed on a routine basis to avoid any future trouble and have a fun and joyous trip.

4: Take care of your belongings

Taking care of your belongings does not only apply to Vietnam. This is a general rule whenever you go. But in Vietnam particularly, you may encounter pickpockets and thieves. It is better to be safe and sound than to be sorry. You should wear light backpacks with inner pockets so that you keep your visa and passport inside it. Try to have a photocopy of your visa and passport in your bags. Keep the original one back in a locker of your hotel.also, do not use the phone when you are walking on crowded streets.

5: Wear clothes that are appropriate

Vietnam is a tropical country with rains during the times of late summer. Make sure you wear a raincoat in the rainy weather and warm clothes when its sunny outside. Also, remember you are not allowed to enter the temples or religious places with tank tops and shorts. It makes sure to wear appropriate clothes according to the site you are about to visit. Plus, Vietnam is full of tourists, and many people around the globe come here yearly. Be sure to wear decent clothing to deter tempting appeals. Please have a water bottle with you all the time in case if it is hot weather to keep yourself hydrated.

6: Be proactive when you cross the streets

Crossing streets in this country is a big challenge for newcomers. There are loads of motorbikes on the roads that are always rushing. You need to have a look at both sides of the way and then wall across the street. Always be alert while you are crossing the roads. Not only the streets, even if you are walking on the pavement, be sure to walk on the inner side as the motorbikes may pop you when you step on the edges of the sidewalks.

7: Eating street food, be very resistant

The street food is ubiquitous in Vietnam. Locals enjoy the food that may look very tempting to you. But try to avoid the food that is sold on open stalls on the streets. You will find food vendors who have physical stores inside opt for them instead of the street stalls selling food.

8: Say no to the strangers

Sweepstakes tickets are sold by the people, and it is a ubiquitous sight around the sightseeing spots that have entrance fees. Also, when you are sitting in a restaurant, people will walk over to you and starts selling a variety of stuff to you. Just say, no! If you mention a firm no, they will walk away without bragging or pleading you to buy their stuff.

9: Don’t go out late

Though enjoying the late nights out in the streets may be fun for tourists but if you are staying in some rural areas, avoid to go out late at night. The crime rates are higher in rural areas, so do not go out late around these areas. You can roam around the city centers late at night, but make sure it is not too late and avoid dark and silent spaces.

That is all! You need to be safe and sound everywhere you go. It is not like everything will happen to you, but you should always take care of yourself in every possible way. Vietnam is a safe country, but taking these safety measures into account will make your trip safe and joyful.

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