Everything that You Need to Know Before Visiting Vietnam

I am almost at the end of a really wonderful Vietnam adventurous trip, and I absolutely had the best time.  From popular tourist destinations, local markets, to people and their hospitality, everything about Vietnam is simply mesmerizing. However, just like visiting any other new country, it took me a little time to adjust. Fortunately, I did a thorough research about the country before coming here and talked to a couple of friends who gave me some great advice. Overall being aware really helped me enjoy the most of my trip to Vietnam. In this blog, I am helping you plan your Vietnam trip by listing some of the essential things before you visit this beautiful and charming country.

1. Get Your Visa Sorted

I already liked this country when I came to know that Vietnam offers Visa on Arrival to the traveler. If you want to get a visa on arrival, then you have to apply for the the visa approval letter before you enter the country.  The whole process is extremely simple that include the following simple steps :

  • You have to apply for a visa approval letter from https://vietnamvisa.cheap. Post applying, you will receive an approval letter within 2 business days on your email.
  • When you reach the Vietnam airport, check in to the visa section, and present your approval letter to the concerned person.
  • Once you have paid the stamping fees, you will get your Vietnam visa.

Make sure you fill the application carefully; even the slightest of error can delay your visit. Print your approval letter and carry a minimum of 2 passports sized photograph, which you will need to submit upon reaching.  The for getting the visa approval letter would cost you around USD 6 (1 month single entry visa), and the stamping fee for picking up a single entry visa on arrival would come USD 25.

2. Be prepared for the Long Airport Visa Queues.

Be prepared to witness the long visa queue at the airport. If you arrive late, you could end up waiting for 3 or more hours. Imagine waiting for such a prolonged time after the long flight you have.  Try to get the ticket to the front of the seat. As soon as you step off the place, power walk, if you can, run towards the visa application counter. Try to get there as soon as possible otherwise; it would be long before you can step out of the airport.

If you want to avoid long queues at the airport, you can order for extra service called “airport fast track” or “visa fast track”

3. Get Your Accommodation Sorted

When you arrive in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, you will definitely get confused. The streets are always hectic, the scooters are moving through the street at a crazy speed, and there is not much information for tourists to get through the streets. Being an Indian, I am used to the busy streets, but in a strange place, things can get confusing. I would recommend that you book your accommodation for the first couple of nights. This way, you step out of the airport, jump in a cab, and reach your destination.

4. Pull Up Your Socks for Some Serious Haggling

Being an Indian, I am not new to the concept of bargaining, so it was fun to see people haggle on the streets of Vietnam. If you have negotiation skills, then you can get great deals here. Try out your haggling skills in the markets, shops, and even salons. I am not that skilled at bargaining but did try my hand a couple of times and end up buying things at great prices.

5. Your Outfit

Typically, Vietnam has a laid back dress code. You can wear shirts, skirts, t-shirts, vest tops, etc. on a daily basis. However, when you are visiting a religious place, you have to be careful with what you wear. When visiting a temple or mosque, make sure to pack a scarf to wrap it around your shoulder, and you must wear long pants or trousers.

6. Excellent Internet Connectivity

If you want to stay in touch with the world and show off your fun trip to your friends through social media, then you would be happy to know that this country has amazing internet connectivity. All the restaurants, cafes, hostels, hotels have free and fantastic wi-fi. You can stay at the most budgeted hostel or hotel; you would have a free wi-fi facility there.

My trip to Vietnam has been relaxing and truly memorable. It is a laid back country that offers its visitors a ton of things to do and explore. I have checked off pretty amazing things from my bucket list already. From the places, food, people, and things, everything about Vietnam will leave you intrigued and want to explore more. One thing that helped me make my trip easier and more comfortable is my research. And I hope this guide helps you too in planning your trip to Vietnam just like it did for me.