A Spontaneous Trip to Vietnam

Travelling is not merely a job for me; it is my passion that fuels my heart, mind, and soul. You know how people say, the best trips are unplanned ones, and they are indeed true. A couple of days back, my friends and I planned a spontaneous trip to the beautiful country of Vietnam. Every little aspect of this country left us mesmerized and wanting more. We have not heard much about Vietnam apart from the fact that it holds strong historical value and beautiful landscape. However, that is not it; this country is a beautiful blend of historic charm and modern allure.

Visa on Arrival in Vietnam- The Savior

When visiting another country, getting your visa approved in one of the most time-consuming tasks. Luckily Vietnam has a visa on arrival facility, which helped us plan out this spontaneous trip. However, contrary to other countries that offer visa on arrival, you will have to apply for a visa approval letter from your country, rather than collecting it from the airport itself upon reaching. The visa on arrival process is quite simple:

  • Apply for a visa approval letter online at https://vietnamvisa.cheap. You will receive an approval letter on your email address within 2 business days. If you need the visa earlier than that, you can pay a little extra and get the approval letter within 8 or 4 hours as well.
  • Once you receive the approval letter, get a hard copy of the same. You will have to submit along with two passport-sized photographs at the visa section of the Vietnam airport.
  • Once you reach the Vietnam airport, head straight to the visa counter and present all the documents to the officials there, make sure you get to the counter as soon as possible because the queue there could be very long and you could get stuck there for hours.
  • Get your visa stamped at the counter. Single entry visa stamp would cost USD 25, and for a double-entry visa, you would have to pay USD 50. Carry this amount in cash as no other payment mode is accepted at the counter.

Amazing Destinations that You Just Cannot Miss

Vietnam is brimmed with awe-striking destinations and things to explore. With so many things to explore, our one week trip passed before I can even realize. Anyhow, I certainly plan to visit it again and check off other destinations that I am yet to explore.

Ho Chi Minh City

Your visit is incomplete without exploring the bustling city of Ho Chi Minh. It is the commercial hub of Vietnam. The streets here are filled with cars and bikes all the time, which was highly similar to what we witness in India. The restaurants and cafes here are incredibly cosmopolitan, and the city is best in the country for shopping. The markets and independent shops offer a plethora of different products. And if you have bargaining skills, you can fill up your bags with a lot of products. While you are here, visit the Dong Khoi district. It is a small town that has HCMC Museum and the Notre Dame Cathedral; these two destinations take you back to the history of Vietnam.


Talking about history, Hue is among the historic towns of Vietnam that home the relics of Nguyen Emperors, dating back to the 19th century. Nestled along with Perfume River, the historic Imperial Enclosure is an enormous site established within the grand walls that are spread across 2.5 km. Take a riverboat cruise on the Perfume River and explore all the surrounding regions such as Ngo Mon Gate, the Thai Hoa Palace, Dien Tho Residence, and much more.

My Son Sanctuary

Engulfed by the lush green mountains, My Son is a ruined temple city from the Cham era. The city got completely ruined back in the 13th century, and 20 massive temple structures still stand here, providing a glimpse of the Asian empire. We had a guide who helped us get to know the place a bit better.

Sapa Countryside

Our next memorable trips were to the verdant rice filed in Sapa. The place of surrounded by Hoang Lien Mountains. This place was undoubtedly one of the most picturesque places we have visited in Vietnam. In the deep valleys of this region, you will meet people of diverse ethnicities such as Giay, Red Dzao, Hmong, etc. While I wanted to interact with the locals, the language barrier kind of restricted me from doing the same.

My trip to Vietnam was filled with exploring some of the best destinations in the country. Vietnam is a laid-back country and an ideal destination to visit if you are looking for a relaxing and refreshing time-out. While you would get through with your English, however, a little Vietnamese would come in handy when you are interacting with the locals.

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