Vietnam Travel Costs For Indians: Plan Every Ahead

One of the most lively countries to visit in Asia is Vietnam. It is a country located in the south-eastern part of Asia in the Indochinese peninsula. It shares its border with China, Laos, and Cambodia. Vietnam attracted a large number of tourists annually-approximately 15.5 million tourists in 2019, and the number is increasing. The country is known for its centuries-old rich history, temples, lakes, beaches, and tropical weather. Adding more to the fun, street food in Vietnam is very popular among the locals and the tourists.

From the perspective of its appealing geography and historical background, Vietnam is a highly recommended tourist destination, especially for Indian tourists. For many Indians, the visa is the primary concern before they plan for vacations in a foreign country. Recently, the visa policy for Vietnam was made easy for Indians, particularly for tourism. It means that Indians can easily apply and receive a visa for Vietnam within a week.

The next concern is the cost for the whole trip, including travel, food, accommodation, and other expenses.


Generally, accommodation in Vietnam is cheap and convenient. There are several options to choose from guesthouses and hotels. Amongst them, the cheapest one is the hostel, which may start from around INR 500 per day for an air-conditioned room. However, you would not find facilities such as room service, breakfast, and others. Guesthouses is another better option in terms of comfort when you are travelling with your partner or family members.

Moreover, guesthouses will give you a more native experience of living as they are owned by locals who rent them out to tourists. Guesthouses are maintained and have better facilities than hostels. You can find a reasonable hotel starting from IND 700. The cost will increase depending on the location and amenities. If you are looking for more luxurious accommodation with room services, luggage storage, toiletries, etc., hotels are the better option. You can get a room for a night in a decent hotel with per night charges starting from IND 2000. 


Commuting from one place to another in Vietnam is another fraction of expenditure. There are several modes of transportation, depending upon where you want to go. The major tourist attractions are well-connected through trains and buses. You can take a local train to travel from one city to another. For example, if you go from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, you can book a berth for almost INR 6500. Ho Chi Minh city is in the southern region while Hanoi is in the northern part of Vietnam with a total distance of 1700 km. However, the flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi will cost you more money. This depends on your budget and the level of luxury you want. Travelling by trains is time-consuming and tiring but more exciting as you can see lots of beautiful places on your journey.


The delicious food offered in Vietnam is something you should never miss. Known for its Pho dish, many Vietnam sit-down restaurants provide high-quality services and food that you can eat and enjoy. You can have a dine out at the restaurant for 138 INR to 291 INR. The fancier any restaurant is, the more expensive it will be. The soda or beer at a restaurant will cost 61 INR to 107 INR. The Pho dish is for 62 INR. A meat dish is for 92I INR, whereas a pork steak will cost you 368 INR. The cost varies with the restaurant you pick. The cigarettes cost you around 46 INR. You can also enjoy the freshly squeezed juice at only 46INR. The food in Vietnam is very cheap, and you can taste everything you love at a very reasonable and competitive price.


The attractions in Vietnam are based on its natural beauty. The cost of visiting these tourist attractions is very cheap. One can easily have tours at an affordable price. The Cu Chi tunnels tour will cost you 306 to 613 INR only. The Da Lat Canyoning prices start from 1380 INR to as expensive as 5237 INR. You can also experience the tours of Halong Bay at 2608 INR only.


Eat delicious food by sticking to the local cuisine that is tasty and saves you money too. If you are travelling somewhere that is at long distance, try to move in sleeper buses. The late-night travelling will save you the cost of accommodation for the night while you are travelling from one place to another. Try to take the tourist bus rather than the local transports as it is cheaper. If you are a shopaholic and tend to shop a lot here, bargain harder than you would generally. You can also skip the part to buy the sim card. Vietnam has free Wi-Fi almost everywhere, so you can stay connected via the Wi-Fi and save the money of buying a sim. These tips, if you follow, will save a lot of money during your stay in Vietnam.

Once you land in Vietnam, make sure to list down all the places you want to visit and the food you want to try. The money is not that a problem as everything is very cheap and one can enjoy a stay at a beautiful luxurious hotel with good food at an affordable price. The Indians can change their currency at the Vietnam International Airport too. Calculate well, and keep the money with you to have a joyous trip.

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